Try Something New – Introducing Theme Preview


Point2 Agent Preview ThemeHave you been thinking about trying one of Point2 Agent’s new themes but held off? Maybe you’re concerned that a new theme won’t adapt to your content. Or perhaps you’re just having a hard time choosing; there certainly are a lot more options now.

Worry no more!

We are very excited to announce our newest addition to the Online Office: Preview Theme. Preview Theme allows you to see how your site looks in a different theme, commitment-free. Now you can try out any theme in any color palette without affecting your existing website and its content.

How does it work? Just log in to your Online Office, find your Agent Site and click Edit. Then choose Themes from the Manage Website dropdown menu. You will be taken to the page that allows you to browse all 75 themes. It looks like this:


theme selection


Choose any theme you like and click the new Preview button (outlined in red above). Et voila! You will be able to see what your site would look like in Aire, Everest or any other theme without having the slightest impact on what the public sees. From your theme preview, you can choose to either Apply Changes, Discard or Change Themes. That’s right, you can ‘try on’ as many different themes as you like.

 theme preview


During this process you may notice another new Preview functionality: Preview is also available for menus. Now you can switch up the order of your drop down menus and preview what the new arrangement will look like on your site without interfering with your current layout. Pretty nifty, right?

 manage menu


Tell us: Are you going to use Preview Theme to try out a new look? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.


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