How Small Is Too Small?


Statistics everywhere tell us that smaller houses are gaining in popularity. The National Association of Home Builders predicts that the average US floor plan may shrink as much at 10% between 2010 and 2015. Our story on container homes – idle shipping containers that are converted into living spaces – remains one of our most popular blog posts. Even Forbes ran an article on the small home trend last year, featuring five for sale that clocked in at less than 900 square feet.

But just how small is too small? The Point2 team did some investigating and found three of the smallest houses available. Check out these tiny houses:

weeHouse Studio

weeHouse tiny house

This 336 SF weeHouse is home to a professional violinist and her family in Minnesota.

Starting at $79,000 and under 400 square feet, weeHouses are the brainchild of Alchemy Architects, an architecture and design firm based in St. Paul, MN. weeHouses are designed to offer high quality, affordable homes made with sustainable building materials that can be adapted to their environment (and the buyer’s taste). Larger models are also available. Interested but not sure you’re ready to buy? There are four weeHouses in beautiful vacation destinations that you can rent for a week or weekend – perfect for a pweeview!

The XS-House by Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

tiny house 2

At home on the road or in a backyard, the XS-House costs just over $16,000 if you build it yourself.

The Tumbleweed Tiny House Company specializes in exactly that: tiny houses that you can purchase ready-made or buy the plans to build yourself. The XS-House is their smallest model, measuring a paltry 7’ wide by 11’ long. In spite of this seemingly minuscule space, the XS-House offers the comforts of a porch, main room, kitchen, bathroom, fireplace, sleeping loft and two closets. The XS-House is light and easy to tow, meaning this is one house you can take with you… just about anywhere.

The 1SQM House

Now this house is certainly the smallest of them all. Created by architect Van Bo Le-Mentzel, this DIY ‘house’ measures exactly one square meter. There is a door, a window, a chair to sit on and, if you turn the house on its side, a bed to lie down upon. Le-Mentzel was inspired by his experience as a refugee to create a home that you can truly call your own. To quote the inventive architect, “It’s the only square meter in the world where I can decide what direction the window looks in, what direction the door opens in, what neighbors I have.”

Believe it or not, you could rent your own 1 m2 house for only 1 euro last summer in Berlin as part of an urban experiment. Those models featured sliding, lockable doors and a nearby hotel provided bathroom access. But, because this tiny house is on wheels (and fits through standard doorways), you could really take it to stay wherever you wanted, so long as you brought it back.

Curiosity piqued? To check out more small dwellings – ones you can actually live in – visit Tiny House Listings, a site that specializes in building plans, workshops and real estate sales of homes under 1,000 square feet.

What about you?

Have your buyers been looking for smaller or larger homes in the last 12 months? What is the most popular square footage in your area?


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