Point2 by the Numbers: Customer Care’s Top 5 FAQs


Point2 Question MarksThe guys and gals on our Customer Care team are personal heroes here at Point2. They work tirelessly to answer both your questions and our own questions and do it all with a smile. We recently sat down with a few of our top team members for a 2012 year-end wrap up. Cory Hawkes, Lacey Petch and Riana Back shared the top 5 most frequently asked Point2 Agent questions with us. Check them out (complete with answers) below. Maybe you’ll find a solution you didn’t even know you were looking for:

1. How do I do billing-related stuff?

Any billing inquiries can be resolved by calling customer care. However, if it’s a simple matter of updating credit card information, that can be done directly within the Point2 account. Under the Gear icon at the top left of the page, click Billing Information. Just add your new card info and voila!

2. Why I am having trouble uploading photos?

Issues often arise with uploading photos, whether it is adding listing photos, website photos or user logos. Mostly this is due to the user not having updated versions of Flash. It’s relatively easy for us to troubleshoot and is often resolved within minutes.

If you suspect that you need to update Flash, just follow these instructions.

3. Where is _____? My Point2 account looks so different!

We received a lot of feedback regarding the big changes put through on the product over the last year. Overall though, tons of it was positive and our team was pumped about the changes.  It was nice to hear the excitement from our customers who have been asking for updates for so long. Overall a big win!

If you’re having trouble finding where a specific feature is, or just want to brush up on your Point2 product knowledge, you can find lots of helpful instructions and tutorials in our Point2 User Manual.

4. Why aren’t my listings syndicating properly?

Because we syndicate to so many different partners, and some partners are specific to certain areas, or only display certain types of listings, we field a large number of customer inquiries about syndication. If one of your listings isn’t being syndicated when it should be, read this and then contact us. We are quick to work towards a speedy resolution.

 5. I’m editing my website… can you help me?

Absolutely! We get so many questions regarding the websites because Point2 Agent is such a configurable product. Of course every person wants their website to reflect their unique business. It’s definitely a fun topic to work with, and helping customers be happy with the finished product is rewarding.

While our CCR’s are very happy to help with any website editing questions, you can also find step-by-step instructions for pretty much anything in either our User Manual or FAQs.

Here are some other Customer Care details they spilled:

Total tickets resolved: 33,012
Total phone calls: 40,698

Whoa! Those are some huge numbers! A big Point2 THANK YOU goes out to our Customer Care staff for answering thousands of member questions this year.

What about you?

Did you have a great interaction with one of our Customer Care Representatives this year? Or maybe you have a burning Point2 Agent question you want answered? Let us know all about it in the comments below.



  • Lilo Cacher says:

    I love most of the customer service and techs at point2. Just one guy
    is not the most helpful person in the world and with him it is always a negative experience.
    His favorite answer… not possible.

    • Hi Lilo,

      I’m very sorry to hear that you’ve had anything less than a positive experience with our Customer Care department. I’ve sent you a private email to get some more information.

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