More on National Chip & Dip Day


As we mentioned in our previous post, National Chip & Dip Day does actually exist. It happens every year on March 14th and is a novel way for real estate agents in the US to connect with their community. Here are some great ideas taken from our recent Success Series webinar with Terri Murphy.chips

  • Invite people into your office to sample gourmet chips and dips.
  • Poll your Facebook fans to find out what their favorite flavors are.
  • Send your top clients and referrers a treat.
  • Post mouthwatering recipes on your blog.

It may seem silly but it doesn’t matter what you do to communicate with people in your target area, as long as you are doing something unique and interesting. It certainly doesn’t hurt to be  engaging when you do it. That’s how you get people to know, like and trust you. Market rates and APRs are boring; you are not.

Terri’s impressive real estate track record is proof that successful people are the ones who keep trying. So get your name out there by interacting with your clients and neighbors. Just remember to keep it fun! If chips and dips aren’t your thing, find something else that suits your niche. National Rubber Ducky Day? National Defy Superstition Day? Yep. They’re real.

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