Success Series Webinar: Explode Your Income in 2013


Watch & Learn with Industry Expert Terri Murphy

Do you send handwritten notes to your clients in January? Or post tantalizing recipes on your blog for National Chip & Dip Day in March? (It exists, we swear. Just look it up on The Ultimate Holiday Site.)


No? Then you may be missing out on valuable opportunities to connect with your community. Connecting with your community is a great way to attract new clients and make more sales.

As part of our ongoing Success Series webinars, Point2 invited industry expert Terri Murphy to teach our members 3 easy ways to explode their income in the next 3 months. In case you missed her live webinar session on December 18th, we have recorded it for you to watch now. Learn how seemingly simple acts – from making charity donations to posting on your blog – can help kick start your sales next year.

Using strategies you can begin implementing today, Terri encourages you to:

  • Revisit the basics
  • Add value to your business model
  • Set up the first quarter of 2013

Terri shares multiple concrete examples that worked for her business and will work for yours, too.

Watch 3 Easy Tips to Explode Your Income in 2013 and start seeing results in the first quarter. Within 120 days, you could be the celebrity authority in your neighborhood with more prospects, new clients and increased sales. Sounds pretty sweet to us!

We Want to Hear from You

Did you watch this webinar live with Terri Murphy? Would you recommend it to other real estate professionals? Which of Murphy’s tips will have the most impact on your 2013 marketing strategy? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Get ready to sharpen your sales technique. Veteran real estate agent Verl Workman is our first Success Series webinar expert in the new year. Click here to register for his January 10th, 2013 webinar now. Spaces are limited. 


  • Client says:

    IS this business (set up only this month) yours? ~

    They are using your exact same logo, do you know, approve this?

    • Hey, thanks for the comment!

      This site was brought to our attention a couple weeks back. Trust us, we were just as surprised to see it as I’m sure you were 😉

      Bottom line, no, we do not approve of this use of our name, logo and likeness.

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