The Faces of Point2 – Lacey Petch


Title: Customer Care Team Trainer
Started at Point2: April 2005

Lacey is one of Point2’s “old-timers”, having started originally as a receptionist and in-house cook for our staff lunch meetings (for the record: she makes a mean chili).

She soon moved on to be a Customer Care Representative, and then gradually became so smart that we had to make her a trainer.

We asked Lacey to answer a few questions about herself. Here’s what she had to say:

What is your favorite type of music?
My favorite type of music is rock-alternative I guess you’d call it.  My favorite band ever is Pearl Jam, hands down.  A band that sticks together for 20 years and still rock like they did on their last tour deserves credit.  I think they are one of those bands that has stayed humble and never tried to be anything they aren’t.  I am currently reading the Pearl Jam Twenty book and it is solidifying my appreciation for them even more.

I also like Soundgarden and other bands from that time.  For some newer stuff Mumford and Sons, Of Monsters and Men, and One I Red (That of which a fellow Yardi employee is the drummer!)

If you have an hour of free time to spare, what do you do with it?
I like watching some TV.   Some of my favorites are Saturday Night Live, Chicago Fire is a good new one, Jimmy Fallon, New Girl, So You Think You Can Dance, The Voice, and for some depth Jersey Shore! Hahahaha, you can judge me it’s okay.  I also love hanging out with my friends, some of which have awesome kids and my 6 year old nephew Saul.

What is the most interesting place you’ve ever traveled?
I’ve only traveled to tropical places for the most part to catch some rays and break up Saskatoon’s winter.  Out of different cities in Mexico and Hawaii I really liked Maui.  I’d love to go back again someday.  The vibe of Maui was so laid back.  As far as a little more local I also found Granville Island in Vancouver an awesome place.  It’s funky and cool and I’m a big fan of supporting local (even though it’s not local to me, same diff haha).

If you could have dinner with anyone, alive or historical, who would it be?
For someone totally cool I’d like to have supper with Eddie Vedder.  I wouldn’t want to be all crazy fan or anything, I just think he’d be a neat guy to get to know and hang out with.  For someone to see again and cook and bake our own dinner together, and to have back in my life would be my Amma (Icelandic for grandma).

What are the words you live by?
I believe the Bible has practical principles and advice to live by.  If you’re interested read Mark 12:28-31 to get the context.  The gist of it is to love God first in your life, and secondly to love your neighbor as yourself.  If everyone genuinely and truly applied this there wouldn’t be the problems in the world such as poverty in some lands, war, bullying, etc. if we all treated each other how we treat ourselves and have love for others.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
A 90 year old awesome gal that everyone loves and can joke around with!

Do you speak any other languages, and which ones?
I know Signed English.  I learned sign language in elementary school, they offered a program at lunch to learn so we could communicate and make friends with a couple in my class.  I really enjoyed it and went on to translate for a man in my congregation for years.  I was fluent at one time, but am a little rusty now.  I can understand it fine, but I’m a little slower at getting my side across.  It would come back quick I’m sure.

I also just signed up to learn Spanish.  The class starts January 14th!

If you could own one piece of famous art, sculpture, memorabilia or historic artifact, what would the item be?
I just recently found out about this man, Tom Thomson, who was an influential Canadian artist.  Why I didn’t know his name directly I’m not sure, but I really love his painting style. It is bright and vivid without being loud and overdone.  One painting I particularly like is called The Canoe.

What are some things on your bucket list?
To go to Iceland.  I’m half Icelandic and am very intrigued to go there some day, I think it would make a great family trip.  Another thing on the list is to go to a Toronto Blue Jays baseball game.  I’d also love to see the East coast of Canada and visit some cities in the U.S. such as Chicago, Boston, New York, San Diego, and Seattle.  Those being the stand outs in my mind.

If you could have a super power, what would it be?
To be like Inspector Gadget. Go go gadget Helicopter hat! You could do so many things if you were Inspector Gadget.

What’s something about you that few people know?
I’m pretty much an open book so there isn’t much that people don’t know about me.  One thing might be that I can slap my tongue on the under part of my tongue/mouth and make a slap/clack sound that way.  Most people click it on the roof of your mouth but I can do a weird thing on the bottom. hahaha

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