Real Estate Marketing Secrets From Coca-Cola


This fantastic guest-post comes courtesy of Aaron McMillan, one of Point2’s very own Customer Care reps. You can learn more about Aaron right here, from our ongoing ‘Faces of Point2’ series. Enjoy…

Coca-Cola has been a leading brand name for over of a century. You would basically have to have lived removed from civilization before you could be unfamiliar with the product. Although the Coca-Cola formula itself has undergone a few modifications over the years, the logo and branding have remained virtually unchanged since 1886. Yet, despite their market presence, Coca-Cola still spends more money on advertising than any of their competitors.

That raises the question: What’s the point of putting so many resources into marketing a product that everyone is already familiar with?

Coca ColaThe answer lies in one simple concept: consistency. Whether you are a large multinational or an individual working out of a home office, one of the most important aspects of marketing is consistency. This is not a new concept for real estate professionals. After all, there is a reason why calendars, pens, and fridge magnets are so widely used in the industry. Real estate is a competitive market, so anything you can do to retain the mind share of your prospects can greatly improve your chances of converting a lead into a sale. Much in the same way that it is important for Coca-Cola to continuously advertise even though everyone is already familiar with their product, it is paramount for real estate professionals to continuously reach out to prospects who are already aware of their services.

Buying real estate is vastly different than buying a bottle of Coke however; a house is certainly not something that one buys on impulse, like a Coke product. It’s not uncommon for an individual to take weeks, months or even years to find a home that’s right for them. Potential home buyers who have expressed interest in your listings or visited your website may not necessarily have an immediate need for your services, so it important that they know that you will be there for them when they are ready to take the next step. But pens, calendars and fridge magnets aside, what can the digitally-savvy real estate professionals do to stay in your prospects minds? Preferably something that doesn’t require celebrity endorsements or an ad at the Super Bowl like Coca-Cola!

At Point2, we are often point real estate professionals towards Drip Email system to ensure consistency in their marketing and keep  prospects informed – just like Coke stays at the forefront of consumer minds with their blockbuster advertising spots such as ‘Happiness Factory’ or ‘Happiness Machine’. What is Drip Email? To co-opt the definition of drip marketing from Wikipedia – Drip Email is any automated (email) system sends specific messages to sales leads over a period of time to keep them engaged.

Drip EmailPut another way, Drip email campaigns can help foster an environment in which your prospects are actively anticipating your next message. Drip email systems (like the one in Point2 Agent!) allow users to manage multiple sets of pre-constructed emails that will be automatically sent to prospects at specific time intervals. Although there are usually dozens of pre-made campaigns to choose from, real estate pros have the option of customizing campaigns or creating their own variations from scratch. The flexibility of Drip Email campaigns gives you the opportunity to market yourself and showcase your personality while also advertising their listings. This is especially important, because marketing must be personal if you want it to be effective.

When one of your prospects needs a real estate agent, you are going to want them to think of you first. If you can’t be there with a famous advertisement like Coca-Cola, Drip Email can be very helpful in this regard. It saves time, money, and provides clients with relevant information while staying personal and – perhaps most importantly of all – provides real estate agents a way to provide consistent communications to prospects.

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