Big Updates and Improvements From Point2

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Howdy folks,

We here in Point2 land have been working like gangbusters (whom we’re told are incredibly efficient workers) over the last few months.  Today we have all kinds of new stuff to show you that we are incredibly excited about and know that you are going to love.

So, let’s get started shall we?

1. Online Office Redesign

If you log into your Point2 Agent account you are in for a surprise – we have completely redesigned the Online Office user interface. Our aim with this redesign was to make everything as clean, modern and simple-to-use as possible without sacrificing an ounce of functionality. Throughout the process we have striven to “flatten” the navigation so it takes less clicks to go exactly where you want.

We have also added a “related links” section to each page of the Online Office. Just like the name implies, these links give you quick access to other areas directly related to the ones you are currently interacting with.

online office

2. Renamed Product Packages

We are very excited to announce that we have tweaked the names of our subscription levels with new names and visual identity that better reflect the Point2 Agent brand and where the product is heading. While this change will not affect current customers in any way – such as features, pricing or limits – we figured you should be informed since your subscription level and “badge” are omni-present in the Online Office, and the last thing we want is for our customers to be confused.

point2 agent membership levels


3. Email & Listing Photo Upgrades

Along with the changes to the subscription level names, we have also taken the opportunity to crack open Point2 Agent and bump up the limits on some key features. We have increased the email account size for all subscription levels (including a POP3 email account for Express members), as well as added the ability to add up to 48 photos per listing! Because we know as well as you that more photos = more leads. You can find a full break down of the features available in each subscription level right here.

Photos & email

4. New Site Building Tools & Six New Mobile Friendly Themes

If you have been a Point2 customer for a number of years you will know that over the past year we have been slowly adding tools to the Express Tools suite – which so far consists of Agent Sites (formerly Site Builder) and Property Sites. Starting today we are switching things up a bit by bundled these tools directly into Point2 Agent so that all of our customers have access to these powerful tools and their gorgeous themes. Speaking of themes, we have also created six new ones for Agent Sites – all of which are mobile-friendly and ready to start wowing prospects. Please note, these themes are only available for Agent Sites you create, not for existing Point2 Agent sites.


mobile themes


5. Google Analytics Integration

One of the most frequent suggestions we hear from our customers is the ability to easily integrate Google Analytics tracking into their websites. So, we made it happen! All Professional and Elite customers now have the ability to quickly drop in their Google Analytics tracking number into the back end of their Agent Site and automatically start tracking.

Google Analytics


6. Brand New Point2 Homes (US)

Our crack development team in Cluj has been working around the clock for months to bring consumers an amazing new search experience on Point2 Homes; one that gives users everything they are looking for, and drives more leads back to you. This work culminates today with the launch of a brand new version of Point2 Homes for US visitors. Why just US visitors you ask? Since this is a brand spankin’ new design we need a test bed to do some tweaking before we roll it out to the rest of the world. That will come in the following months.

point2 homes


7. A Brand New

If you Google anything related to Point2 you will see that we currently have a bevy of websites spread around the Internet that speak to a variety of audiences. That ends today with the launch of the new – a brand new site that encompasses all the things Point2 represents under one domain. If you are used to going to to login to your account, please note that you will need to update your bookmarks!


8. New Stuff On The Horizon…

We (literally) have whiteboards full of features and fixes planned for release over the next couple of months to wow and delight you with, but we are going to be easing them out over time to make sure that everything works 110%. Want a sneak preview at what’s coming? Here are just a few of the things we have lined up:
– Custom Forms (yes, you read that right)
– WordPress integration
– Social media sharing integration
– and much, much more. Stay tuned!

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  1.    Reply

    My Listing html do not include the photos or listing links when posting to craigs as it did when I signed up. I do not understand why I don’t find others with similar problems.

    1.    Reply

      Hi Joe,

      We are aware of this issue and have a fix scheduled to be released next week. Please let us know if it still doesn’t work by the end of next week. Sorry for the hassle!

  2.    Reply

    I really like the New Look of our Websites, but I have an issue, hope you can help me with; In the edit pages, at the iFrame Display, only displays part of my pages, even if I put 100% in Widht or Height, I try to get the answer to my question at the explanations in Help and the point 10 says: Width and Height: If the iFrame is placed in the center column and no content is placed in the right and left columns, the default settings are recommended, as they allow the iFrame to fill the entire main content area of the page; if content appears in the right or left columns or the iFrame is positioned in the right or left columns, the default setting may have to be changed. What is the Default Setting? I ttried several Numbers and percents and is the same, except for more little display. I want FULL display. Thanks

    1.    Reply

      Hey Alvaro, great question. I asked our Customer Care team if they had a solution for you and it looks like they do! I believe our team member Aaron was going to reach out to you later today to get everything sorted. If there is anything else you need, be sure to let us know.

  3.    Reply

    How do i upload photos to the listing with this new method of uploading pics??

    1.    Reply

      Hi Looey,

      You can find instructions on how to upload photos in the user manual. Here is the link – Cheers!

  4.    Reply

    A few improvements but more importantly, why are you letting a FSBO marketing company advertise on your site??? You say “The Premier Online Marketing Toolkit for REALTORS®” yet you let this company advertise on your site. Explain yourself please

  5.    Reply

    Hi Chris,

    i have 3 weeks trying to fix my website but Mr. Robert can not identify the problem, i am really annoying with point2, as it is a serious problem and they are not taking care as it need to, the problem i am getting is when we try to open one of our property link it give us an error, so we can not see the info, many of my prospect are calling us about it and as you may know new clients will not call they will just go to another website which works.

    I know you have been doing so many changes, but it is only for your new point2 clients, but what about us? i my case i am your client since 2004 and have 2 website with you, but now i dont really know if you are good enough like you use to be or if you are not longer that good, i need a solution now

  6.    Reply

    It’s June 20, 2012. After reading these posts, I am now totally confused as to whether or not my Professional Point2 website can be made mobile friendly (without 3rd party software, etc) or whether I have to have a 2nd Point2 website.

    1.    Reply

      Hi Pam,
      My apologies. We are not doing our job properly if there is any room for confusion regarding our products. To answer your question, as a Point2 Professional member you DO have the ability to make a mobile-friendly site (without 3rd party software), but only by creating a new site via the Agent Sites tool in your online office. We are exploring the idea of bringing mobile theme functionality over to the existing classic websites, but we don’t have an ETA at the moment. Have a great weekend!

  7.    Reply

    I wish Point2 would stop focusing on creating all these new fluff features that have nothing to do with our actual websites and focus their work on actually improving our main P2 websites.

    What good is a mobile friendly theme for a new agent site that I have to create?? A mobile friendly version for my current P2 site that I have had for many years would seem to make sense.

    The good news… It looks like Point2 is finally working on custom forms after years of agents begging and pleading.

  8.    Reply

    I’m not thrilled with the changes either. I think it would have been a good idea to give people a choice. I understand how everything works but I just like the old version better than the new.

  9.    Reply

    I created a property site just to learn how it works and now I want to delete it. How do you delete a proeprty site?

  10.    Reply

    The functionality to add, delete or (especially) re-order your pictures on a listing is cumbersome. A few years back, one could click on a photo and drag it – let’s bring that back! I was led to believe I was the only one having this problem, but from reading above, know it is widespread. Please bring that back!!

  11.    Reply

    Gee doesn’t it all sound great. However, I tried two of the new mobile site themes and not are they barely customizable BUT you cannot insert an image or add a link. In both cases the screen greys out and essentially crashes. Tried in all 3 browsers. Called P2 and it turns out to be a known bug. Just an FYI.

  12.    Reply

    the navigation of the editing of listing pages isn’t great when you have to scroll to the bottom of the page to click “Save and Syndicate” … same buttons should be at the top of the pages

    1.    Reply

      That’s a great point Kim. I’m passing that suggestion along to our UI team as we speak. Thank you!

  13.    Reply

    Awesome updates! Much easier to manoeuvre – faster to load new listings & upload photos. THANK YOU!

    1.    Reply

      Thanks Margaret!

  14.    Reply

    Why does point2 seem to want to drive customers away. If you are going to offer these new site why not make it an easy conversion. If not why change everything without notice. Please give me a simple 1,2,3 steps to convert to new mobile themes.

    1.    Reply

      Hi Scott, we would be happy to provide you with simple step-by-step instructions. It’s a little hard to do it in the comments section of a blog post, so give us a call toll-free at 866-977-1777 and we will do our best to help you out.

  15.    Reply

    Is there any way that potential buyers can search for properties on this new site using terms such as lake front or lakeview? Since the majority of my buyers are looking for one or the other, the Listing Notifier is useless to me.

  16.    Reply

    What is the Property Sites all about, how many can a Standard member and professional member make these sites?

  17.    Reply

    How can I find out if My MLS is on your system and if yes what do I do then.

    1.    Reply

      Hi Christine,
      You can find out if your MLS is a partner of ours by visiting our partner list right here:
      If there are a partner, fire your MLS an email and they can re-send you an invite for your free syndication dashboard, which you can learn all about right here:

  18.    Reply

    Te improvements you made to Point2 are greats, it’s easier to work with.

    1.    Reply

      Awesome to hear! Thanks Gilberto 🙂

  19.    Reply

    Folks, don’t fret! We all stumbled as we learned to walk. As REALTORS®, we do much more difficult things every day. Growth is sometimes painful…

    1.    Reply

      That’s a great way to look at thing Fred. Have a terrific week.

  20.    Reply

    Ditto…tried to blog this morning , and no way to be found on posting a blog…why such a radical change?

    1.    Reply

      Hi Stuart, you can post a new blog by clicking the ‘Websites’ in the office menu and then ‘create’ next to the blog icon which is at the bottom of the page. Here are the instructions if you like – Office/Websites/Blogs/Blogs.htm

  21.    Reply

    I was in the process of having my site freshened up. Can I assume that i should wait awhile till some of the bugs ie: page size, scrolling get worked out

  22.    Reply

    Having trouble with the neighborhood selection. The browse button does not work nor does the edit link for city. The map box overlaps both.
    Google Chrome on Mac OS 10.6.8

    1.    Reply

      Hey Bob, thanks for the message. We haven’t heard of any reports with neighborhood selection, but I’ll make sure someone takes a peek at it. Thanks!

  23.    Reply

    I look forward to using the new updates. Thank you.
    can someone please clarify for me? So are the new mobile sites only available in the new “Agent sites”? can i not add a mobile site to my existing one? I have spent 6 years tweaking my site and was hoping to not have to start again.
    Also, do these new Agent Sites operate in the same way as our regular point2 site as far as handshakes with other realtors?

    1.    Reply

      Hi Mary, to answer your questions, yes, the six new mobile themes are exclusive to Agent Sites, and no, Agent Sites do not have handshake like the legacy sites. Hope that answers your questions!

  24.    Reply

    Really upset with what you’ve done to my pages. Font size appears to be enlarged, especially affecting the right hand column. On home page, the right hand column is now wider and center column is 25% narrower. (tech support is trying to figure out why that happened.)
    On a few pages, I have to scroll across, to see the entire page. Overall, now looks like it was put together by amateurs. I’ve had this site since 2006, but not likely to keep it if I have no control, to give it a more professional look.

    1.    Reply

      Hi Marilyn, uh-oh that doesn’t sound good. Hopefully our Customer Care team can help you get to the bottom of the issue right away. Cheers!

  25.    Reply

    Sorry – I read the following as “All themes available to All customers” to refer to our point2agent sites – not separate agent sites (which I haven’t explored and really don’t see a need for – I have a point2 site!) 4. New Site Building Tools & Six New Mobile Friendly Themes

    If you have been a Point2 customer for a number of years you will know that over the past year we have been slowly adding tools to the Express Tools suite – which so far consists of Agent Sites (formerly Site Builder) and Property Sites. Starting today we are switching things up a bit by bundled these tools directly into Point2 Agent so that all of our customer have access to these powerful tools and their gorgeous themes. Speaking of themes, we have also created six new ones for Agent Sites – all of which are mobile-friendly and ready to start wowing prospects.

    1.    Reply

      Great point Peter, that could stand to be more clear. I will update it to be more explicit. Thanks!

  26.    Reply

    I set up a drip email campaign 16 days ago and set up the first one to go out in 15 days..(have done many before and was pleased). It was supposed to start today, but didn’t. HELP!! I can’t spend all day trying to figure this out.

    1.    Reply

      Hi Farris, if you would like to give us a call toll-free at 866-977-1777 we would be happy to help you out and get your Drip Email working properly. Cheers!

  27.    Reply

    How do I create a new listing???
    Actually I liked things the way they were. Just getting used to doing things and now its all changed.

    1.    Reply

      Hi Ben, you can add a listing by logging into your account, clicking the ‘Listings’ button in the menu bar, and then selecting ‘Add Listing’ in the related links panel on the right. Conversely, you can find the instructions right here: Listing.htm

  28.    Reply

    looking forward to continued evolution… not sure you should refer to your team as “crack” development tho 😉 LOL

    1.    Reply

      Hah! Good point Brenda. We will have to make sure to use a different term from here on out 🙂

  29.    Reply

    I can not create a new listing?
    So, far… I do not like it… not one bit at all. I had to go through the entire list of listings in order to email a listing to a prospect. Since 90% of our business is generated through your website… this just plain sucks!!!!

    1.    Reply

      Hi Sherrie,
      We’re sorry you feel that way. Give the new look & feel a couple weeks and we are sure you will grow to love it 🙂 To address your two questions:
      1) To add a listing, simply click ‘Listings’ in the menu bar and then ‘Add A Listing’ from the related links panel on the right-hand side.
      Instructions here – Listing.htm
      2) To email a prospect, simply click ‘Prospects’ from the menu bar, find the prospect you would like, click the edit button (looks like a pencil), and then click the ‘Email Prospect’ button found on the far right. Instructions here –

  30.    Reply

    How is the Google Analytics Integration different from the UltraStats we get now?

    1.    Reply

      Hi Carol,
      The main difference between UltraStats and Google Analytics is that Analytics lets you track visitors in real-time as well as create specific goal funnels & conversions for your site. A more detailed guide to the application can be found at:

  31.    Reply

    Found brochures next to photos.

  32.    Reply

    Hola Chris, esta pendiente esta pregunta:, ¿qué temas se han optimizado para dispositivos móviles y cómo puedo cambiar mi sitio point2agent a uno de estos temas?

    1.    Reply

      Hola Felix, lo siento, no hablo español.

  33.    Reply

    So which themes are optimized for mobile devices and how do I switch my point2agent site to one of these themes?

  34.    Reply

    Where is the Brochure link????>

  35.    Reply

    How about You Tube Video integration

  36.    Reply

    I was surprised when i logged in, now thats a Change,

    Here are just a few of the things we have lined up:
    – Custom Forms (yes, you read that right)
    – WordPress integration
    – Social media sharing integration
    – and much, much more. Stay tuned!

    It would have been more Exciting if these were released first rather than re-designing the online office.

    1.    Reply

      Hi Eshan,
      The changes (mainly the Online Office re-design) were done in this order so we could lay the groundwork for new features. It wouldn’t make much sense for us to release a bunch of new functionality only to have to re-design it and re-work it into a new UI down the road.

  37.    Reply

    I cannot log into my account and my website is down. The home page is has Server Error in ‘/’ Application showing and none of the links are working

  38.    Reply

    These all sound wonderful!! Awesome job Point2! 🙂

    1.    Reply

      Thanks Nell! 🙂

  39.    Reply

    Thanks for all the innovations. I’m excited and grateful for keeping us always on top.
    P.S. Can we do something about the listing brochure format. Pictures need to be bigger.

  40.    Reply

    I checked out some of the new site features- Goofle Analytics and added my google code thank you point 2. But I tried to find new mobile friendly website themes and found what I thought was themes just like all the others I have seen before?? Am I missing the new ones? pls let me know

    1.    Reply

      Hi Steve,
      The new mobile themes are for Agent Sites. If you create one you will see all of the new themes are available. Cheers!


        I have a current Pro P2 website. So youre telling me that the new mobile themes are not available to me unless I create a new website?

  41.    Reply

    I have been blocked out of many of the areas that I always had access to how do I get back my status?

    1.    Reply

      Hi Pat, please contact our Customer Care team toll-free at 866-977-1777 and we would be happy to help you get to the bottom of this issue.

  42.    Reply

    Hi there, love the new themes, but why can’t I use them on my existing point2 site? I don’t want to have to completely rebuild to take advantage of the “Agent site” themes. Please make them accessible to all of us!

  43.    Reply

    Hi Penny & Jackie,

    Sorry to hear you’re having troubles – I’m having our Customer Care team contact you to help sort out the issues.

  44.    Reply

    Couldn’t agree more with Mike. All these upgrades are nice but mostly just fluff. I would like to see you do some major structural changes. I use a mac and CAN NOT upload photos from it. Have to transfer them to a PC and thats not cool! Hope to see some real changes coming soon.

  45.    Reply

    Excellent !!!!! congrats !!, please help me .. I am trying to erase a page that is direction to another web and goes directo to and I cant work to eliminate it how can I fix this ??? also were can I page the listing to go so i can use those listings ?? thanks

    1.    Reply

      Hey Joe, we would be happy to help. Give us a call toll-free at 866-977-1777 and we will get everything sorted for you.

  46.    Reply

    Always a learning curve. I welcome these new changes. Now, lets get the photo uploading system revamped. Keep up the great work Point2!

  47.    Reply

    Server Error in ‘/office’ Application.
    This is the message I receive when trying to access my listings.

  48.    Reply

    On my website some of my sold listings are on twice, showing active and sold. It will not allow me to change them from active to sold.

  49.    Reply

    sorting listings by price generates error page.

  50.    Reply

    I have been trying to login into my site since last Thursday, but have been getting a site mantenance message. When will I be able to get in?

    1.    Reply

      Hi Sandy,

      The product release was completed early this morning and sites are all back up and running. If you are receiving an error, please contact our Customer Care team at 866-977-1777 and they will be happy to help you get it sorted out. Thanks!

  51.    Reply

    Hi, love the upgrades but I cannot delete OR add pictures in my listings. Hope this is fixed soon!

    1.    Reply

      Hi Liz, thanks for the message. We’re aware of that little bug & working on it as we speak. Should be fixed shortly!

  52.    Reply

    This all sounds great but I’m trying to blog this morning and can’t find where it’s located and when I clicked “Chat on line” it sent me to a search and it’s all about the previous site so it’s out of date.

    1.    Reply

      Hi Teresa! You can find your blog by clicking the “view all websites” button on the home page of the online office. As for the user manual, it is being updated with the new version as I type this. If you try back in a while it will be there waiting for you – chalk full of brand new information 🙂