The New Listing Magnet: Part Three


A sure fire idea to get sellers excited about your services during a new listing presentation.

Marketing properties is where the magic is, and owners evaluating your services want to know that you can do this better than anyone else.

You’ve supplemented your traditional marketing plans with Syndication, an automated way to advertise the client’s home on over 50 high traffic websites and search engines, and promised to allocate a budget towards Enhanced Listings. Two very powerful marketing tactics proven to boost exposure to more online buyers, and that can generate up to twice as much interest in the property, or more.

But just in case some of your local competitors are up to the challenge, here is another one that has ‘wow’ written all over it. An idea that can make any wise seller sit up.

Boost your plan with a promise to create and launch an entire website just for the client’s property! Offer to give their property a home of its own on the World Wide Web. How much cooler value is there?

A dedicated website makes it much easier to find the listing on the Internet, enhances its presentation and bolsters its position on search engines. It’s important that the seller understands the relevance of this plan to the sale of their property. Emphasize the importance of search engine rankings and better presentation, as your seller may not be as Internet savvy and may not completely appreciate some of the site

As well, explain that over and above online prospects, that many local buyers interested in the neighborhood typically drive around the area to physically check out inventory. That for this target, it’s inconvenient to stop to scan QR Codes or jot down the agent’s phone number.

Technically, this means that more drive-by prospects are likely to miss or forget the phone number, if they try to commit it to memory. The more determined would try various way to look up the property on the Internet or ask their agents to research it. However that is not as convenient for them, nor as promising for you. There are too many ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ involved.

Your single property website idea mitigates these risks, hardly costs anything per property and is as easy to set up as 1 2 3.

When a listing has its own website with its own street address-based URL featured on the lawn sign rider, such as, it becomes extremely easy for driver-by prospects to recall. Encourage your seller to distribute that URL to friends and neighbords.

Single property sites also help to differentiate a property within a certain neighborhood, make the agent behind it seem like a star, and sets you up to capture more leads for your client, more quickly.

With high end single property website solutions today available for pennies per property and can be set up in minutes, the only thing that’s left is to get out there and seal that new listing deal.


  • Gregg Singer Developer says:

    The marketing plan gives a fair idea to how to sell client property. When we create an entire website to advertise client property then it gives a more convenient way to buyer how find a relevant property. In this post the best thing is street based url which define the seller property address.Putting some images of property is a good idea.

  • Roger says:

    Thanks, Gregg for your feedback. As for images, that is an absolute must. The more the better. In fact, at 16 photos, our research has shown a significant jump in views. The Point2 system can take up to 50 photos per property.

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