Introducing Point2 Property Manager


As you might recall, almost one year ago Point2 was acquired by Yardi Systems. In addition to Point2, Yardi also acquired a swath of other talented real estate software companies such as Property Shark and VisualHomes at around the same time.

Point2 Property Manager

One of these companies is, er, was DIY Real Estate Solutions – makers of some of the most innovative property management software on the market. I say was because as of today DIY is joining the Point2 family, and is now known as Point2 Property Manager!

So what is Point2 Property Manager? At it’s core Point2 Property Manager is an end-to-end productivity tool with everything you need to manage residential property of any type online; including integrated general ledger accounting, credit checks, rent payment and Listing Syndication.

What does this change mean for existing DIY customers? Aside from updating your bookmarks, almost nothing at all. The product is still being developed and supported by the amazing folks at the Property Manager HQ in Cleveland, they are now just working with the rest of the Point2 crew in order to get the word out on their terrific products.

Point2 Property Manager SiteAs for current Point2 customers who self-identify as property managers there will be no changes to the products you use every day – everything is staying the same. However, if you are interested in finding out what Point2 Property Manager has to offer, or just have some questions, visit, or give the team a call at 866-602-9007.

Stay tuned for more exciting news in the near future!


  • This is great! I think it gives the software a better feel. I could definitely use this on

  • Randy Sotka says:

    How do we preview the software?
    Is there an additional charge for the property management software?

    • Hi Randy,

      If you check out you will see that there is a 14-day free trial of the software so you can check it out. As for pricing, Point2 Property Manager costs just $1 per “door” you manage, per month – at a $50 minimum.

  • Is this available to anybody or only to real estate agents?

    • Hey Tinus,

      Thanks for the comment. While Point2 Property manager is designed for real estate professionals and property managers, it can be used by anyone. If you think it would fit your business, no matter what the type – give it a try!

  • Shirley Kelley says:

    Does the software include contracts between the home owners and the property manager?

  • Shirley,

    It sure does have contracts between the owners and the property managers!

  • Eric Boyd says:

    What sort of integration can Point2PM have with my Point2Agent website? Are online payments included with the per-door price?

    • Hi Eric,

      Thanks for the great question! At this time there is no integration between Point2 Property Manager and Point2 Agent websites. But this is definitely something we are actively exploring. As for online payments, they are not included in the per door price and vary according to volume. If you would like to chat, give us a call toll-free at 866.602.9007.

  • Cecil Rafael says:

    Sounds like a great tool for Property Managers. Is the $50 minimum per month or per year?

  • Cecil Rafael says:

    Hello Cris,

    I got the answer ($50 per month minimum), it’s all in the website…

  • Jenny C says:

    I USE to be a realtor and loved having your site then. Now I do different types of real estate, one is I sell homes on rent to own programs but i dont handle any of the payment stuff, I do put them on the web like you do when you sell a home and advertise alot, but I dont need a license to do t his, onky marketing the homes. Then I sell mobile homes too and would put on like a realtor does, again not a realtor jsut registered seller in my state. Is it an agent site I want? Can I still have an agent site if I dont have a license, I couldnt be using syndication to MLS or anything like that, just slideshows and maybe links to sites. Can I put two businesses on one site? And have seperate forms for the sites and for customers to fill out for each company? How would I go about that, I planned to sign up very soon….I need some advice. I use to manage a mobile home park and did rent to own and sold homes and you let me have a page for that, I got special permission from you to be unlicensed agent with a site 2 yrs ago.

    • Jacquelyn says:

      Hi Jenny,

      I’ve submitted your questions to our Customer Care team and someone will be in touch with you! Please feel free to contact them anytime at 866-977-1777. Have a great day!

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