Three Mysteries of Highly Successful Agents


Working with tens of thousands of brokers, agents and their associations each day, we come across a few success stories. Over time, common denominators reveal habits and secrets of some of the most successful REALTORS®.

While attitude has a lot to do with success, there are many tangible ideas and tools virtually anyone can take advantage of. As you will quickly realize, hardly any of those ‘revealed’ in this article are secrets or mysteries. The real secret lies in the ability to take action and apply the ideas, rather than in the knowledge itself. Here are three ideas.

Mystery Agent

Top Agents Are Easily Found on the Web – With a third of all home buyers starting their search online, and a whopping 90 percent using the Internet in the buying process, the winning agents are those found more easily where buyers lurk. There are consumer real estate portals, search engines, auction sites and classified ad sites. The Point2 listing syndication service available for free through nearly 250 MLSs and associations in the United States is a great way to achieve high exposure with virtually no effort.

Another way to be found is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Today you can automate SEO, with the new Site Builder website product by Point2, launched this past June. Just select the city you operate in and a website with great initial SEO is generated for you, meta tags and all!

They Take Time to Add Rich Content to their Websites – This mystery does not pertain to a technology tool, but a discipline. One agent we know of and that we wrote about in a separate story gets 80 percent of his business from his website! That is a number worth paying attention to. He does it by engaging visitors with rich content.

“If I had to pick one aspect that works… well, actually there are several. I believe the ability to display a large number of photographs, room for plenty of information and the creation of a virtual tour environment is very much appreciated by my clients and potential clients. These three features not only serve to market the property well but also reflect on the client’s perception of my professionalism.”

They are Good at Converting Leads into Revenue – You might be surprised at how many leads are left to rot in agent inboxes. As the majority of prospects will go with the first agent who responds to them, having the right tools in place to help you be first out of the gate is key. Check if your website incorporates a lead management system that captures inquiries coming in from your listing syndication efforts and if it routes leads to your cell phone. This is extremely important to beat the 30 minute patience guideline of online prospects. This strategy is a winner!

Perhaps one of the greatest myths out there is that knowledge is power. It is not. Knowledge without action is nearly useless. Power, as Tony Robbins, one of my favorite life and motivational coaches says, is the ability to take consistent action towards a specific goal. That’s when luck also seems to kick in!



  • Felize Summons I Boulder Homes for Sale says:

    Nice post, couldn’t agree with you more! With the real estate industry getting more competitive as ever, professionals in this field have to keep their heads above the waters to survive. A must-read for agents.

  • Roger says:

    Thanks for your great note, Felize. If you have any other marketing article ideas you’d like to see us cover on this blog, do drop us a suggestion here. All the best to you.

  • Sandy Slinkard says:

    Loved the article, great marketing ideas, keep them coming. I have Point is great. No doubt that the market is tough all over and is going to get worse before it gets better. We have to “batten down the hatches”, in other words do all the correct things to be the agent people not only find but want to work with.

  • Roger says:

    Thanks for the feedback, Sandy. You’re spot on of course. It’s not one thing that we do right but the combination of actions that create optimal, exponential results. Consistency is also a key ingredient.

  • I have been in the real estate business 33 years. I constantly hear from prospective buyers “you are the only agent that contacted me back”. So many agents in my region are getting the same clients I am getting, but they do not get the sale. I get the first chance for the sale simply from being the agent that responds. Then I go above and beyond to keep their business, get the referrals and stay in touch. All of my competitors keep asking how do I do it. I have 90 percent market share and it is so simple. Just respond and follow through.

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