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Watching television is usually pretty rare for me, and when I do it’s only for a short time because my attention span for T.V. is generally low.  A couple weeks ago, there was one thing that did catch my eye though. An advertisement came on for a local real estate professional, Cam Bird. What caught my attention is that Cam talked about the marketing platform for listings that he uses to reach the largest audience possible. This sounded to me like something that could only be done using Point’s syndication network, so I immediately checked to see if Selling Saskatoon was a Point2 site – and sure enough, it was. I knew that Cam was one of the most sought after real estate professionals around here, but to admit to my own complete ignorance, I had no idea that he used Point2.

Not only is Cam’s website pleasing to the eye, he has also used Get a Grip Audio Solutions (Point2 Alliance Member) to add an element of sound. His site hosts a ton of listings both via Handshake and MLS, and he also constructs a video ad for each of his listings that are seen both on his website as well as The Real Estate Channel.  Among several things, he also has a ‘Contests’ area where clients can win a night out to watch a hockey game with private box seats (perfect for Saskatchewan folks!).

As an added incentive to his detailed marketing plan, is Cam’s guaranteed sales program.  In fact, if the listing hasn’t sold within 120 days – he’ll buy it himself.

It’s my pleasure to feature to SellingSaskatoon.com this month, and I’m also equally as excited because Cam agreed to do a mini Q&A session with me. Stay tuned for the next post where we’ll get an inside peek into SellingSaskatoon.com.

Do you have a great website/marketing plan? Want to share it? Let us know, and maybe we’ll feature yours!


  • Fred Carver says:

    Cam’s Web site looks great, Which point2 template does he use to put his video’s on?

    • Tanis says:

      Hi Fred,
      You can add video like Cam’s to your site provided you have the HTML embed code and use an Advanced Content section… there is no need for a particular template. I had a look at your site, and it looks like you’ve already been able to do this as I can see videos embedded from Youtube on your website 🙂

  • I have the same question Fred ask, which point2 template is Cam using?

  • Jordan Bird says:

    Its a 3 column template with a large customized personal header and footer done through image software to combine images into one single image with layers.

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