Go Beyond: Market Yourself Globally With Proxio


Today we announced a new partnership – we’re extremely pleased to say that we have teamed up with Proxio, the international Multiple Listing Service and global referral network.






What does this mean exactly?

The partnership gives Point2 Agent members access to Proxio’s Global Referral Network.  Point2 Agent users will gain access to Proxio’s subscription-based referral network in over 100 countries, enabling them to market in areas typically beyond their reach. Proxio’s 19 language translation technology will also allow participating agents to market to multicultural clients in their own language, including through multilingual websites and social media.

Furthermore, Proxio subscribers will now have access to Point2’s listing syndication network.  Proxio users around the world will be able to tap Point2’s listing syndication network of over 60 third party real estate consumer websites, search engines, auction and classifieds advertising sites in North America, giving them easy access to one of the largest markets worldwide and enabling them to generate leads at no added cost.



  • This is great news. My only concern is how is this going to impact me as I already have a profile as result of my Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist (CLHMS) certification on Proxiopro. Keep up the great work, Point2!

  • I am excited! If I am getting this correctly as an agent with Point@ we don’t have to do anything for this to work? Will we be able to see how this increases our website hit? Thanks ever so much in your strive to make Point @ agent better and more desirable for other agents.

    • Tanis says:

      Hi Victoria,
      What type of membership do you have with Proxio? If you are a Proxio Premium or Platinum member, your listings will automatically populate your Proxio account.

  • Sinisa says:

    Hi Tanis,

    Is that possible that Serbia is not listed at Proxio country select???

    Can someone do something about updating it? Montenegro and some small countries are listed, yet Serbia is missing.

    Sorry for this tone, but there are so many features missing for professional members outside of Canada and USA, and every time I get excited for some new marketing possibility or some cool little feature, it is not available for Serbia, or Serbia do not exist as option…

    Hope you can help

    Kind regards,


  • Sinisa says:

    One more thing, maybe you will be interested – I mean Point2,

    There is no Point2 logo or link at Proxio PARTNER site???

    And contract was signed:

    “Point2 and Proxio Sign Global Marketing Agreement
    Tuesday, March 22, 2011 6:35 AM”

    Just observing …

  • Nigel Rollo says:

    Hi Tanis,
    This is interesting. How can I as a Point2 user take advantage of this?

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