Ice Sculptures, Race Cars, and MLS Meetings, oh my! Point2 heads to the Clareity MLS Workshop


Last week marked the 10th Annual Clareity Consulting Annual MLS Executive Workshop in Sunny Scottsdale, Arizona. As a sponsor of the event, several members of the Point2 MLS and Association Team made their way stateside for the workshop.

Here’s a peek at just a few of the items we were able to bring along:







Each year the workshop for MLS executives explores new technologies, services, marketing and business practices relevant to the industry and takes a look at how companies around the world are exploding with innovation in today’s industry.  This year’s event covered everything from mobile strategies to syndication, with the topic of the conference being ‘Innovation’.


Prior to the workshop getting under way, there was even a day at the race track – there’s Linda, Point’s Director of MLS & Association Services gearing up for the speedway:

It was great time indeed, and a huge thanks to Clareity Consulting and everyone else who made it one heck of an event!

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