From the Frontline: Your Top 5 Questions of 2010


It’s been a busy year for our Customer Care team.  Just to give you a small glimpse into what we call the ‘2nd Floor’ – these guys and gals have answered over 75,000 phone calls and have resolved over 49,000 support tickets submitted by you.

I decided to do some digging around to find out the ‘most asked’ in 2010 (which wasn’t too difficult because our CCRs keep tabs on all this stuff!)  So here it is – your top 5 support questions (in no particular order) of 2010…with answers to boot!

“I’m Having Trouble Uploading Photos”

  • The most common reason why photos can sometimes be tricky to upload is because your JAVA needs to be updated on your computer. (JAVA is the standard technology that powers programs like photo utilities – allowing your internet browser to deal with photos so that they can be uploaded, resized, and shared on the web).  You may also notice an advisory message appear prior to uploading photos if you do not have the most current version.
  • In most cases, a quick update of your JAVA will resolve any photo issues.  And it’s easy to do – and will save you from contacting support.  Simply visit and click the ‘Do I Have Java link”…this will tell you if you have the most recent version, and provide a download link to update if you don’t.

Next, you wanted to know:

“How Do I Update My Billing Information?”

  • Credit Card expired or do you have a new card altogether?  Updating your billing information can be done faster than you can say ‘Customer Care’ .  Simply login to your account, from the Admin section choose Account Management.  Select ‘Update Billing Information’ and enter in your new information.  That’s it, that’s all! If you want, view the FAQ right here.

Also on your list of frequently asked questions, is:

“How Do I Edit My Website?”

  • This is a tough one to answer here, because there are several different areas of your website that sometimes require assistance – whether it’s your website title/slogan, editing content, or adding a new content section.  Or maybe you are having trouble finding the ‘Edit Website’ button itself.  So instead of a long winded response, check out these handy links:

Where To Find ‘Edit Website’
Editing Website – Beginner (An On-Demand Video that will answer all of the above and more)

“I Already Have a Domain Name, How Do I Use It With my Point2 Agent Website?”

  • At first glance, the thought of using a domain name might sound complicated – but trust me, it’s not!  The key is to remember to add your domain name to your Point2 account once you’ve changed your name servers.  Also, domains do take some time to update throughout Internet-land – so be sure you’ve waited the at least 24-48 hours.  Step by step instructions can be found right here.

And lastly, it’s all about Syndication Dashboards…

“How Do I Activate My Syndication Dashboard?”

  • Most of us have one, two, or even ten email accounts.  It can be hard to keep track of all the email you receive in a day.  Your invitation email to activate your Syndication Dashboard comes in the form of an email – don’t delete this one!  But if you have, or perhaps it got lost somewhere out in cyberspace – let us know and we can resend it to you.
  • If you have received an invitation and aren’t sure where to go next, these steps outline exactly what to do.

Still not sure what the difference is between a Syndication Dashboard and a Point2 Agent account?  The answer is right here.

There you have it – your most asked questions of 2010.  Kudos to our fine Customer Care team for doing an outstanding job answering thousands of inquires this year!  And, to all our members – keep those questions coming!


  • Dale Quinlan says:

    I need to upload my new photo at the top of my home page and can’t do it. Can you advise please?


    • Tanis says:

      Hi Dale,
      Are you receiving an error message, or just not sure where to add the photo? If you give our Customer Care Team a call, they can get this information from you and help you out quickly! You’ll have your photo up in no time flat 🙂

  • Of all the companies I deal with in business or personal life, P2A has the very best customer service department I have ever dealt with!
    Keep up the great work.

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