Check It Out: Point2 IDX in Action


We’ve been talking a lot about using Point2 IDX since we first introduced it a few months ago.  This time, we thought we’d share with you a success story from one of our members who has implemented Point2 IDX.

Please allow me to introduce you to Lee Hurst of Chinowth and Cohen REALTORS® in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Lee has graciously shared a few tips with us he used to make Point2 IDX work for him so well.

At the forefront of Lee’s strategy was to make his website more user-friendly for searching listings.  He explains, “Approximately half of my business comes from people who have found me first through my website.”

Knowing this fact prompted Lee to make his website as interactive and informative as possible for visitors searching for listings.  He began by researching which keywords people were using to access his website.  Then, taking those keywords into consideration he tailored individual pages based on those search results.

Lee shared his thoughts on this with us.  “The public likes information.  There are a lot of great websites out there, but the public may not stay on the site because the information they are seeking isn’t readily available.  People like to click for information, not type the information in, as much as possible.”

For this reason Lee’s custom created pages and saved IDX searches go a long way to making the process of finding listings much easier for website visitors.

Lee took those individually created custom pages a step further and integrated an easy-to-navigate menu so that visitors could locate the area they were searching for and the desired price range with just a click of the mouse.

This combination of elements has contributed to huge success experienced by Lee Hurst using Point2 IDX on his website.  Though Lee admits some work and effort is involved to make these searches available to visitors, the results speak for themselves.

If you want to take your website visitor experience to the next level, take some of Lee Hurst’s advice and put Point2 IDX to work for you!


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