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We’re pleased to introduce a Guest Blogger, one of our own Alliance Member Program participants, RealSupport, Inc.

In the grand scheme of real estate marketing, there are some things that you can skimp on to save money.  Learn organic Search Engine Optimization tactics rather than using an expensive SEO specialist; use email blasts to save on stamp and printing costs spent on Just Listed postcards.  There are some services, however, that are non-negotiable, and your website’s IDX Home Search is one of them.

Lucky for all of you Point2’ers – Point2 now has their own IDX solution, powered by WolfNet, and it is a must have.

You may say to yourself, well, I can just link to one of these real estate portals that allow visitors to search homes for sale, maybe you’ve even figured out how to embed the real estate portal’s widget on your own site.  All of this for free, right?  Wrong … You get what you pay for.

Two Reasons Why You Should Not Use A Free Home Search on Your Website:

  • They are riddled with ads.  Most from real estate related vendors or even other real estate agents.  Obviously you don’t want your website visitors to see other agent’s information, but even the vendors are bad.  You don’t want to promote someone you don’t personally know and can vouch for.  You don’t want their ad on your website, and most importantly, you don’t want to expose your buyer to them.
  • Once your buyer does search for listings that fit their criteria, with each click on any particular listing, they are brought to a page with the typical listing details, as well as the listing agent’s contact information and even links to “make an appointment” which is a great lead capture – but the lead doesn’t go to you!

Two Reasons Why You Really Do Need A Reputable IDX Service on Your Website:

  • The biggest difference between using IDX versus the various free listing searches offered by the big guys (and you know who we’re talking about) is that if you subscribe to an IDX service, you will be allowed to brand the listing search results with your contact information.  These searches become an instant lead capture system for you – sending all of the leads directly to you, making you the new buyer’s agent (hopefully).
  • With most IDX services and Point2 IDX from WolfNet in particular, you are able to set up custom “quick” searches.  For example, if you specialize in Condos in Chicago, you could customize as many condo searches as you please.  So, you could have Gold Coast Condos, Wrigleyville Condos, etc.  You could essentially have each borough or area of your city/town with a quick search.  Not only does this help the site visitor, this will give you amazing search engine optimization due to the keywords.  We do not recommend using graphic buttons for these searches as you want the text for the search engines (or you could do both, text and graphic buttons).

Yes, this service is a monthly investment, but it is a wise one.  Looking at the bigger picture, it may, in fact, save you money vs. the free search on your website that is costing you leads.

With every lead that comes to your site that searches your free search on your site, only to find another agent’s contact information, or another agent’s advertisement, you are losing thousands upon thousands of dollars.

If you want to be a valuable resource for your community, offer them a website that gives them what they are looking for.  In exchange for your information, they may just reward you with their contact information, and eventually, their closing.

Have your Real Estate Virtual Assistant set up your customized Point2 IDX searches today.

Information regarding Point2 IDX can be found here.  You may also call Point2 directly at 1-888-277-9779.

Thanks for reading!

The RealSupport Team – Your Partner in Real Estate Marketing and Support

The team at RealSupport, Inc. is one of Point2 Agent’s featured Real Estate Virtual Assistant Alliance Program Members.  Their posts offer expertise in real estate marketing, technology, and more.  RealSupport’s office and team of 9 full-time and 4 part-time staff members is located near Chicago, IL.  Their successful team works virtually for many top real estate agents and brokers nationwide.  Pioneers in the Real Estate Virtual Assistant industry, RealSupport offers listing marketing, branding, website and logo design, lead generation, social networking, technical support, transaction management, blogging, copywriting, and much more.  Just ask!  Visit them online at



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