It’s On Us: Point2 IDX Three for Free


It’s time for me to stop living in denial … summer is officially over.  All those summer deals we come to love so much – well just because summer is over, doesn’t mean they have to end. Want to know more? You’ve probably heard that Point2 now offers a world class IDX solution.  I’m not going to go into a long-winded description of what IDX is and how it can benefit you, because we’ve talked about it plenty over the last couple months.  But since we’re here, here are just a few of the key benefits:

  • Show virtually all of the listings from your MLS/Association on your website
  • Leads are sent directly to your account for easy prospect management
  • No contract! Cancel at any time
  • No website? No problem.  IDX is available to use on 3rd party websites

(And if you really want the long version, check out the 7 Reasons to Use Point2 IDX) Anyway, on to those deals I was talking about… Allow me to take a moment to be extremely cliché – the leaves are falling, and so is the price of IDX.  Okay, all cheesy metaphors aside…seriously, if you haven’t given IDX a try yet, now is your chance. This month has been declared the Three for Free month.  When you sign up for Basic IDX during the month of October, your first three months are free.


  • Basic IDX (regularly $29.99/mo) – 3 months free (save $90)


  • Basic IDX (regularly $59.99/mo) – 3 months free (save $180)

Why not try it out?  Did I mention that there is no contract?  That’s right, you can cancel at anytime.  But, we’re pretty confident you won’t want to part with it.

Check here to see if IDX is available in your area. Want your Three For Free?  Sign up by logging into your account right here or simply give us a call at 1-888-277-9779.

(Does not include one-time  set up fee. Specific MLS fees may be applicable. Existing MLS/IDX rules/restrictions apply.)

(Note: Normal billing will resume after 3 months unless otherwise notified.)


  • What does it take to get an MLS added to the areas served? I have plenty of people who would use Point2 IDX but our MLS is not serviced.

  • Pam Whitaker says:

    Let me know when you run a special on the set-up fee. Would rather pay $90 for 3 months than $199 set-up fee.

  • Emil says:

    It’s not free if you have to pay an additional amount ($50 per month)for the download.

  • Tanis says:

    Hi everyone, thanks for your comments!

    @Renee – We are currently working on expanding the areas in which IDX is available. Can you please us know which MLS you are with and we will be happy to look into it. If you have anyone that would be interested in contacting us, that would be great too. Getting an MLS on board with IDX is different for every MLS and having a group of users ready to sign on helps to move it along much faster.

    @Emil – I presume you are referring to the set up fee. I’m sorry to hear that you are unhappy with this offer. The majority of IDX providers do have an initial set up fee, and each MLS does have their own conditions for using IDX. Some prices can be quite high, and the IDX solution provided by Point2 is priced competitively.

    @Pam – I’m sorry Pam! We had that promotion in July! No set up fees would be nice, however there are some hard costs getting someone signed up for IDX. We have a great team that will take care of making sure all the paperwork is sent to the right people quickly to ensure your IDX is up and running smoothly. We will also get the configuration down for your specific region.

    The three months free gives you some time for us to show you how many leads IDX can help you generate. I’m confident by the time three months rolls around that we will show you that the value of IDX surpasses any fees paid up front.

    I can tell you all…this isn’t the end of any promotions…if this doesn’t work for you, just keep your eyes out for more to come. 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

  • Don says:

    I was ready to go until I read the small print. My MLS charges a set up fee. Your additional $199 kills it for me.

  • Lajuana Jones says:

    I agree with this comment “Let me know when you run a special on the set-up fee. Would rather pay $90 for 3 months than $199 set-up fee.”

  • Brad Baldwin says:

    Is there a place that I can see what the IDX page design looks like. I would like to see how it will look on my page. Also, can you change the settings on when someone is required to register, i.e. after viewing 1 house, 2 houses, etc.?

  • Tanis says:

    @Don – I wish I could say that we had a $0 set up fee all the time, but as mentioned there are quite a bit of hard costs that come along with the initial set up. Each MLS does have their own rules and regulations for IDX. Unfortunately this is something that is beyond our control.

    @Lajuana – As I mentioned to Pam, we did offer this back in July 🙁 But the good news is that there are no shortage of promotions around here. Stay tuned, because you never know when the next one may be!

    @Brad – Personally, I would suggest checking out Lee Hurst’s website He’s got several pages with Point2’s IDX…but here are some for easy reference: and
    You can definitely adjust the settings for the registration. If you have any trouble with this, our Customer Care Team will gladly help you set this up.

    @Kimberly – Part of having a Point2 Agent account is the ability to have a public facing website. Check out our features page to see if any of these work for you:

  • Christina Domingo says:

    I understand your situation but a promo is just that! Must be free! Will wait for another promo that’s “greater” than this.

  • Christina Domingo says:

    Your promotions must be better than most people on the internet.

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