So You Want More Prospects…(Part Two)


In my last post, I mentioned just a couple easy ways you can generate more prospects using the features readily available without breaking the bank on a huge marketing budget.

But then I started getting long-winded, so I had to stop.  And yes, I’m still going to give out some freebies.  So before I start rambling, I’ll get to work and continue on.

Copy, Paste, and Voila! aka: Listings2Go – Most people have more than one website these days.  Do you?  May as well show your listings there too.   It’s pretty simple…so simple that I don’t have much to write about on this one – just copy and paste a few lines of code that we provide you – and ta da!  It’s like magic.

Engage in Shameless Self Promotion aka: Engage in Shameless Self Promotion – I don’t have another name for this, because it is what it is.  If you are good at what you do, why not brag about it a little?  Not excessively, but it’s fine to have a little bit of an ego.  I have a couple side projects that require me to market myself – and I think I’m pretty good at what I do…so I tend to stick my nose in just about everywhere that it makes sense.  Let me tell you, I’ve left business cards in the most bizarre places!  Word of mouth is one of the fastest, most effective forms of advertising.  Maybe not everyone needs a real estate agent right now…but someone always knows someone who needs something.

And last (but not least)…one of the most important…

It’s Picture Day, Put on A Nice Shirt  aka: Listing Photos – I can’t stress this enough.  If I was told that someone was taking a picture of me and showing it off to the rest of the world – I’d probably make an effort that day to (try) get up a few minutes earlier and wear something nice.  Listing photos are no different.  Sure, it can be a nice place – but going the extra mile and showcasing its best qualities will make it look even sweeter.  When I moved recently, I can’t even count the number of places I declined to look at simply because the listing photos were…let’s just say, less than appealing.  I stumbled upon this video posted by a local real estate broker/agent here in Saskatoon, Norm Fisher.  This video pretty much sums it up:

But enough of me talking … Now it’s your turn.  Tell us some of the things that work for you and the unique ways you have found to get more prospects.  Comment below and you may just walk away with…something (I haven’t decided what yet).  Now stop reading, and go get those prospects!


  • Very cool video. I need to make something up like this for my own websites. I like to show other REALTORS® MLS pictures to my clients and say, “That’s not what we do”. These include dates/times on the images, blooming, pets (many buyers are allergic to animals), people (including young children because it was “cute”), and garbage. Being ex-military, I try to have my sellers present their homes as they would be ready for a Sergeant-Major’s inspection. If it’s a pigsty, then the room doesn’t deserve to be shown on MLS and my websites. Great post!

  • Norm Fisher says:

    Thanks for posting my video Tanis. Taking a bit of time to learn how to do an above average job on photos has paid a great return for us. What’s better, is that sellers finally seem to be getting the importance. In the past three months I’ve had as many agents tell me that their clients expressed disappointment in the quality of the images taken of their home.

    Ideas for new business? There’s nothing brilliant about this idea but we’ve been making more of an effort to get ourselves to places where we can meet, in person, some of the people that we’ve connected with via social media. Building rapport is usually a snap and I think it will improve the odds of being considered for the business when the time comes.

  • Sylvia says:

    Yes, this video shows what normally should sell. This is a double edge sword. In an REO foreclosure or short sale world, the first series of photos are more realistic. When I show properties and the photos look good, and when you get there, the home doesn’t look like the photos, this will also leave a bad impression to the buyers.

  • Matt Mason says:

    Nice post
    ( You’re Scv Agent

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