Please Won’t You Be My Neighbor?


I’m no neighborhood expert (not like my friend here <—), but have you noticed the complete lack of originality in neighborhood names?  It seems like no matter what city you go to, there are similar neighborhood names?  Perhaps there’s a variation on spelling, but really Parkridge is the same as Park Ridge and Shaughnessy is just like Shawnessy.

And let’s not forget the neighborhoods that contain some form of “Hill”, “View”, or “Heights” in the name.

When you really think about it, neighborhood names are quite cliché.  Even the ones that are a bit more creative seem to be repeated in more than one location.

So, for fun (I say that a lot on this blog, I know), I decided to do a little search on Point2 Homes for some of the more common neighborhoods that came to my mind … and some that I didn’t think there could possibly be more than one of.

I live in Lakewood.  Would that be in Saskatoon, Atlanta, or St. Petersburg?

Oh, you’re over in Strathcona?  That’s fine.  I’ll just zip on over to Edmonton, Kingston, or Hamilton.

You’ve heard about famous/infamous Brentwood. Was that in Los Angeles or Bozeman?

Do you live in Chaparral? Is that the one in Kiowa or in Calgary? (depending on how you spell it)

If you’re looking for a ‘beautiful view’ check out Bella Vista?  Either in Vernon or Las Vegas.

Maybe you don’t need a beautiful view and prefer instead just a … (brace yourselves for a lame pun) … Fairview.  Head on over to Cornwall or Vancouver.

There’s nothing quite like a good Bordeaux. Whether it be in Montreal or Nashville.

Want a place by the ocean?  Visit Coral Bay in St. John or Margate.

Want to go birdwatching? Perhaps you can in Audubon ParkCharlotte or Munroe.

Who knew there could be so many Copper Ridge‘s? Charlotte or Glendale or Louisville or Whitehorse

And a few more for good measure:

TuxedoBirmingham or Winnipeg

SherbrookPrinceton Township or Coon Rapids

BroadmoorColorado Springs or Shreveport or Anchorage

Finally, check out these off-the-wall names … and they’re not just in one place:

Frogtown in St. Paul and Lexington-Fayette

Dogtown in St. Louis and Oakland

Cow Town in Wichita or Payson

I just barely scratched the surface!  It seems to me that all over the map, in all sorts of states and provinces and cities and towns names are similar, although I am sure the neighborhoods themselves are very different.  (Do you live in one of these neighborhoods?  What’s it like?)

Take a look around the neighborhoods you serve.  I am willing to bet that there are a few (or a ton) with Hill, View, Park, Heights, Lawn, or Woods in the name.  Is your city unique?  Do you have one-of-a-kind neighborhood names?  I’m curious to hear them.

Now, as much as I have come across as mocking these clichéd names (which, by the way, was never my intent and I’m really not) … I honestly don’t know what I’d name a neighborhood if ever given the chance.

Guess I shouldn’t knock the lack of new name creativity when I can’t come up with anything even remotely better.  If my husband was asked to think up a name for my new neighborhood he’d go with something original like ‘Meganville’.

If you had a chance to name your own neighborhood what would you call it?  Tell us, cliché or not!


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