Your Questions Answered: Point2 Agent VS Syndication Dashboard


Every so often I like to go back to my roots and hang out with our awesome Customer Care Team. Since having transitioned to our Marketing Department over a year ago, I don’t get the chance to talk to our members directly as much as I used to. This gives me the chance to hear more of our customers’ thoughts and concerns. Whether they are happy, angry, confused, anything – I enjoy hearing all of them.

I am going to do my best to address one of the most asked questions:

What is the difference between a Syndication Dashboard and Point2 Agent?

The answer? It’s simple.

I’m not going to go into grave detail, but I’ll give you a quick lowdown.

Syndication Dashboard

If your MLS has signed up for Syndication with Point2, you will receive an invitation for a Syndication Dashboard. You’re not obligated to use it, but let me tell you – if you don’t, you’re missing out on some of the best exposure for your listings. Your listings are sent to us via a data feed from your MLS and distributed through the largest Syndication network on the planet. Meaning, they are being placed on some of the highest trafficked real estate search websites. Most importantly they are reaching the eyes of your potential buyers.  And what’s more – it’s totally FREE.

No, we do not have any control over your listing, nor do we own it. Your listing is your listing. All we do is deliver it for you. Think of us as a big tourist bus, giving you a free ride and stopping by some of the hottest attractions.  And if for whatever reason you don’t want to syndicate your listings (which would be kind of crazy, don’t you think?!), well – it’s your listing, you have control, and you can opt out.

But what if Syndication isn’t enough? What if you want more? What if you want a complete website to accompany your listings online? What if you want to see exactly who your prospects are, what they are looking for, and how they found you? Wouldn’t it be nice to pinpoint your customer’s wants, and easily and effectively send them targeted messaging based on those wants?

Point2 Agent

That’s where Point2 Agent comes into play. Not only do you get the syndication, but you get a ton of tools to build that presence right where consumers are spending the majority of their time – online.  While the Syndication Dashboard gives you access to some very basic reports – it’s nothing like the detailed reports you receive about your prospects and more through a Point2 Agent Account.  Not only that, but if your MLS has signed up with Point2, your listings are imported directly into your Point2 Agent account – meaning you can spend more time with your clients, and less time adding listings to your account.

A Point2 Agent account starts at $19.99 per month and you get to try it out for 3 months free. We don’t ask for a credit card until you’ve completed your trial, there are no obligations, and we’re not really into contracts – meaning, you can cancel at anytime on the monthly plan. If you’ve received a Syndication Dashboard from your MLS, you can upgrade to a Point2 Agent account at anytime.  A Point2 Agent Account has 3 levels of membership – each one with even more features available.  You can see them right here.

I didn’t go into the entire comparison of features, because I would be here all day – and so would you (and you have real estate to sell!).

Want to know more?  Just click right here to download a handy little comparison chart.

I hope this answers some of your questions.  And, well, if it didn’t…give me some credit – it’s Monday morning, and I got a little too much sun on the weekend!

Sometimes we forget to realize that we stare at this stuff all day, every day.  So, naturally we think it’s pretty simple.  But for anyone that is seeing their Syndication Dashboard or Point2 Agent account for the very first time – it can be overwhelming, this I know (remember…I’m the one still struggling to use something as easy as Twitter!).  We’re working on simplifying things over here, and any of your questions can always be addressed by our Customer Care Team.  I can tell you – they are a lot more alert than I am on a Monday!

Have a great week!


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