Casual Fridays: A Classic With a Twist


When my co-worker, Megan, decided to start our new blogging initiative, ‘Casual Fridays”, I was a bit overjoyed.  Why?  Well, first of all, Fridays are meant for letting loose and having a bit of fun.  And truthfully, even I grow tired of writing about real estate and tech-y type stuff.

If there are two things I love (besides my job, of course) – it’s music and comedy.  So when both of them are combined it’s just that much sweeter.

I saw this video a while back…and while it may not be hot off the presses on YouTube – it makes a perfect way to kill some time on a Friday afternoon.

I am a huge fan of the classics – especially Queen!  C’mon, I mean – who doesn’t know the song Bohemian Rhapsody?!  So when this guy took 25 of the most well known performers out there and combined them all in this 70’s anthem at a Just For Laughs festival, I couldn’t help but be entertained.

Check it out:

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Happy Friday!


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