Photographing a House That’s “All Garage”


We must really love our cars now-a-days, because a lot of the new houses I see appear as though they were built for cars rather than people.  It’s always the same story: monstrous garage dominates the front, while the actual house sits

tucked away in the back.  It’s not really such a bad idea, as lots of people (especially in suburbia) depend on their cars to get around, but it does make it more difficult for that style of house to stand out when buyers are browsing listings online.

Even a quality listing photo can get overlooked if it’s covered by 70% garage door, and as handy as a front-facing, attached garage can be, it’s arguably not the prettiest part of the house.  So how can you adapt your photographic strategy to compensate for these types of houses?

First off, let’s talk about the photo in terms of perspective.  In most cases, the garage appears much larger than it is simply because it’s closer to the camera.  It also doesn’t help when an “all garage” house is photographed from short range as it will increase the appearance of foreshortening, sometimes eclipsing the actual house all together.  Thus, the house has to be approached differently, so that we use perspective to our advantage.

Have a look at this 3D model that was exported in three different views:

The front view appears as though the car actually owns the house, and you are expected to rent the upper level.  By changing the perspective, however, the garage becomes a mere portion of the overall dwelling.  The low, side angle is the easiest alternative to enhance the “living” portion of the home, while the high angle looks even better.  Keep in mind that the high angle requires a pole aerial solution, which I talked about in a previous post.

In my next post, I’ll share a few different “real life” examples of how to shoot your primary photo of a house that’s “all garage” and you can decide what you like best.  Of course, if you have any ingenious tips or tricks that have worked for you, feel free to comment below.

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