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Every so often we like to hit the road.

This time around the Marketing Team had the distinction of attending The Art of Marketing conference held in Calgary, Alberta.  Why was it so exciting?  Because it’s my team – which means I got to go too!  All of us (except Chris…who met us there) piled in a big ol’ van and made the 7 hour trek a day early…kudos to head honcho Carey for getting us there in one piece.

Not only was it an opportunity to expand our own knowledge of all things market-y, there were many take-aways which could be parlayed into the world of real estate.  Learning about marketing isn’t just for “Marketing Professionals” anymore.  Regardless of the industry you are in – the evolution of the business landscape has made us all marketers in one facet or another.

The conference started bright and early with Chip Heath taking the stage.  Speaking on the subject of change, Chip discussed the techniques to both embrace change and to brace for coming changes.  Technology now changes faster than most can keep pace with, and it is increasingly important for business professionals to keep up in order to stay on top.  Chip argued that while change may not always be for the better – the key is to focus on the bright spots.

I think I speak for everyone when I say that we were looking forward to hearing this next speaker the most.  Sir Ken Robinson, who intrigued us with his legendary TED talks on the topic of creativity and innovation, spoke about how to engender a culture of creativity in the workplace.  More of a talk on human nature than marketing, it was nevertheless just as insightful for anyone who must interact with other business people on a regular basis – in other words, everyone.

What do you do to captivate your prospects?  The average attention span of a consumer is nine seconds.  With the wealth of options available online, buyers have the ability to pick and choose any real estate professional they want.  Sally Hogshead discussed many of the triggers that make a business or a brand fascinating to their customers – which will ultimately hold their attention.  Want to see what makes you fascinating?  Check out her patented ‘F Score’ test, right here.

Next up was Mitch Joel who did a fine job at reinforcing the notion that anyone and everyone can say what they want about your brand and services – and thus makes online reputation management so vitally important to real estate professionals. Did you go out of your way to get your prospect their dream home?  You can be sure that they will spread the word of their satisfaction – and this can all be done with one click of a button.

Gary Vaynerchuck was perhaps the most entertaining to listen to.  Gary stressed the importance of being personable.  That is, not simply broadcasting to your network but engaging them and providing them with value.  In real estate we try to do this by responding to our blog comments, our Facebook messages, and our Tweets.  Or, in the case of Point2, we have a dedicated Customer Care Team that speaks with you directly on a daily basis.  As a Real Estate Professional, you are busy with making sales and showing homes – but finding the time to maintain that personal touch is essential to drive even more business.

At the end of an inspiring day we came away with not only a desire to not only enhance our own marketing efforts here at Point2…but actionable marketing strategies to put into play.

Also, we don’t get out of the office that much – but when we do, we clean up pretty well, I must say!

On a final note… check out this video below.  Not only is it an example at just how quick a message can spread, but it’s a feel good video too!


  • Megan says:

    This conference was really informative, and it was nice to go on a bit of a field trip with the team. I took Sally Hogshead’s ‘F score’ test … and not surprising my main trigger was ‘lust’. Guess there’s more to a name than I realized.

    • Tanis says:

      Coincidentally your last name is Lust. Haha, just thought I would add that part in since it doesn’t actually say your last name.

  • Bryan says:

    My trigger ended up being “Mystique” can’t remember all the details though…

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