Casual Fridays: Something New


Welcome to the first installment of many in our new Casual Friday series.  Just like the name suggests, it’s going to be on Fridays (duh!) and also casual in nature.  That means, don’t expect to get some big take-away to use in your business, in the industry, or with technology.  Although, if you want to read into it all intelligently and try to find some deeper meaning, be our guest.  I’d be interested to see what you come up with.

The whole point of this is to blow off a bit of steam from the week’s worth of activities, share some fun stuff, and generally just have a good time with zero expectation.  It’s meant to be fun and completely relaxed, so join in and let loose before the weekend.

And, if you’ve got some funny jokes, stories, pictures, videos, etc. that you think would fit in just right here then send them our way.  Just email us at  Who knows, if we feature your suggestion we might even give you something for it.  Maybe …maybe not.

I am really trying to work on not rambling so much, so I’ve basically used up my self-imposed word limit for this post already.

So instead of going off on another tangent, here’s one of my favorite clips from one of my favorite shows BBC’s Top Gear.  (Sure, it’s 10 minutes long, but it’s Friday; you really weren’t working anyways, were you?)

Now if only the rain would stop here in Saskatoon, I could give this a try myself this weekend.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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