Relax: We’ve Got It Covered


Worried about getting to those website updates?

Losing sleep over the listing brochures that need creating?

Wishing all that paperwork would all just go away, so that you can focus on your clients?

Now it can!  Our Alliance Member Program spotlight falls on an experienced Virtual Assistant company:

RealSupport, Inc.

Providing a plethora of services for the real estate professional, RealSupport, Inc. also has extensive experience working with Point2 Agent, including listing coordination and marketing, lead maintenance, blogging support, seller reports, web design, and presentation development.

Working as a one-time, part-time, or ongoing provider, RealSupport, Inc. can help you spend less time in the office and more time with customers or on the beach!


  • Liz Ellis says:

    This sounds heaven sent!

  • audrey says:

    wait until you see the prices they charge and they charge just for a conversation to get started whih i thought was not right. They are good and if you cant do a thing then use them but get prices in advance I had a bill before they did a darn thing for me and when I complained they didnt answer. In htis economy i dont thinkwe can afford to wast precious money if you have a closing when will the next one be noone knows if the buyer will get approved or the market might drop while the buyer is signing the contract watch your principal,or ask them to show you how to do what you need ch is everything and I mean everything I spend several hrs sometimes doing my own listing shouldnt be that way but can i would ask point 2 what software program they reccommend for downloading phots thats the tricky part

  • Audrey,

    The pricing will depend on what specifically you were wanting them to do for you, as there are different areas of work that they can do that take different amounts of time.

    As the AMP contact here, if you would like me to look into the customer service issues you were facing, please contact me. Since RealSupport has a number of Virtual Assistants working with them, additional information would be helpful.

    As for the photos, if you’re talking about downloading them from your camera, it likely came with a software disc that has a program to assist you. There is also a free Camera Wizard that comes with Windows. My colleagues in the Marketing Department could likely provide other options.

    If you are talking about being able to load them into your Point2 Agent account, you won’t need any additional software, as your website gives you the ability to select your photos and then automatically sizes them so that they will look good on your site.

    Hope that helps!

    Tanya Spilchak
    Education Coordinator

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