Be a Gleek: Use Niche Marketing to Your Advantage


I admit it.  I am a Gleek.

Some of you just smiled, secretly thinking “me too, sister!”.  If you aren’t smiling, then you probably haven’t seen one of the funniest, most innovative television shows to hit the air for a long time: “Glee“.

Glee ClubThe show follows a group of talented young teens whose voices have landed them a role in their high school’s Glee Club.

Sounds glamorous, although the daily slushie to the face indicates that only the geeks belong to Glee.  They sure have a lot of fun, though, covering hit songs from a variety of genres and from a variety of decades.  The songs chosen meld well with the overall storyline and character development, which makes “Glee” the smart comedy that it is.

Often each episode features songs from a variety of artists.  While entertaining and interesting, the episode that contained hits from songstress Madonna was likely the most talked-about episode of the series’ run.

What made it rise above all the other charming episodes was that it was focused on one particular artist, one particular personality, one particular musical interest.  The trailers for the episode targeted certain song clips, presented images that tie in with the transformation Madonna underwent throughout her career, and built intrigue by making us all wonder how the storylines could possibly match up the varied tones and themes of her music.

It was all about a targeted message.  It was all about a niche market.

Niche marketing is, essentially, choosing a particular type or group of people, determining what interests them the most, and then creating marketing materials and tools that relate to their interests.  In “Glee”‘s case, it was the music of Madonna.  In real estate, a niche market could be anything from new home buyers to new parents; retirees to empty nesters; military relocation to job relocation; a particular city to a particular neighborhood; a particular type of home to a particular house design.

It can be as specific or as expansive as you choose.  The great aspect of determining a niche is that it can be personalized to reflect who you are as a real estate professional, where your strengths lie, and what makes you passionate about your career.

Here are some ways you can adjust your current website and marketing plan to reflect your niche market:

Targeted Website Content

Considering that your website is now going to be focused in on particular group or segment of the market, the content on every page of your site should reflect their interests, concerns, and topics for discussion.  What questions do you get the most from your customers?  What do you feel is important for this segment of the market?  What do you know that highlights your passion, knowledge, and expertise for this niche market?  The answers to these questions can form the basis for your customized content.

Shared Terminology

When creating the content for your niche market, using terminology that is shared within that market will build a trusting relationship.  “Knowing the lingo” goes a long way to forging new ties and setting yourself apart from your competitors.

Specialized Topic Pages

Sometimes specific topics deserve their own pages devoted to sharing further background information, discussion points, or graphics.  Not only do specialized pages keep your website clean and crisp, but they also help your online visitors quickly find the information they desire.  Ideas for specialized pages could include neighborhood information, school districts, shopping information, local attractions, local vendors, job sites, etc.

Group-specific Blogs

Your niche market may be a larger one, such as “new home buyers”.  Since a new home buyer could be a person in a number of situations, it may help to create multiple blogs within that niche market to provide targeted information.  For instance, you could have a blog for a new family, one for recent graduates, one for divorcees.  People in each of these segments will have varying financial, life, and moving considerations and decisions to make, even though they are all new home buyers.  The more information you can provide and assist them with, the more competent and helpful you appear.

Relevant Pictures

Ever been to a website that may possess great information, but the pictures are incorrect or irrelevant?  That site likely lost credibility with you.  Niche markets usually take great pride in being a niche market, as that sets them apart.  For instance, architecturally distinctive homes are unique.  The photos on the site should not only reinforce this uniqueness, but celebrate it.  What makes your niche market interesting and unique?  Showcase what makes it special in your photos.  Since the majority of people are visual learners and create connections through visuals, providing these relevant photos will help strengthen your online relationship with people coming to your website.

The key thing to consider at all times is the niche market: who you are attempting to attract, what they are interested in, what affects them, the information they will need, and how you can utilize your skills and passion to facilitate finding them a property to meet their needs.

Need some inspiration?

Check out these websites for examples:,,  I also recommend you watch “The Power of Madonna” episode of “Glee“, as it not only cleverly illustrates niche marketing, but does so with a soundtrack!

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  • Michael says:

    Great advice! It always amazes me how many real estate agents want to be all things to all people. I think it stems from the fear that they might miss out on some potential business. Pick a niche and focus on it – in the end you will be far better off especially if you become the go to person in that niche!

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