Point2 Launches New Support Tool


We are ecstatic to announce that Point2 has implemented a brand spankin’ new support tool from the awesome folks over at Zendesk to help serve you, our customers, better.

Going live today, this upgrade will be bringing a bunch of great improvements to how Point2 Agent support & education will be accessed, delivered, and ultimately disseminated.

Just what kind of improvements you ask?  For starters, our entire product knowledge base is now entirely searchable.  Want to learn about our custom content modules?  No problem!  Now all of our support materials (FAQs, videos, and education sessions) are right at your fingertips.

If you are itching to jump right in and experience all the new toys for yourself, you can find the new support portal over at – https://www.point2homes.com/agent-websites//support

If you would like to know what these changes mean for our existing support tools, here is a brief overview:

  • The support email address agent@point2agent.com will soon be no more. Customers can submit a ticket to us directly at https://www.point2homes.com/agent-websites//support
    Please note: If you are unable to submit a ticket, you can still do so by emailing customercare@point2agent.com
  • The new and improved Customer Community (aka message board) can now be found right here.  Note that this does not mean the old Message Board is gone.  In the coming weeks, we will be importing existing content from the old Message Board (like the website tips & tricks) to make sure our fantastic community hits the ground running.
  • Clicking “Contact Customer Care” within your Online Office will now bring you to our support portal.  We encourage all customers to search through our knowledge base to find the answer to your questions, but we can always we reached by email or at our toll-free support line.

As always, if you have any questions/comments/concerns, we would be happy to answer them – so don’t be shy, get in touch with us and tell us what’s on your mind!


  • raj dhaliwal says:

    Why was the old message board deleted first? There was a lot of good content that helped us with our websites everyday.

    Is only “selected” content going to be imported to the new message board?

    Will the members who actually wrote those posts will be credited? or P2 education will take credit for other people’s tips and tricks like on this thread? http://bit.ly/bTvmzu

  • Raj,

    We will be moving over the content that will benefit our entire membership. In looking through previous posts, some of them are specific issues that related to one person and was localized to their Point2 Agent account. Those types of posts will not be moved over.

    I completely agree that there is some good content there, and we’ll be sure to make it available again.

    As for the crediting, we’ll ensure we credit specific people if that is where the specific content is coming from (ie. your CSS overrides for the Paperclip blog theme). In other cases, it will be a summary of several threads (ie. SEO tips and tricks) put into an easy bullet point format to read. Our Education Team’s main interest and goal is to make the information accessible on Zendesk, and always will be so.

    Tanya Spilchak
    Education Coordinator

  • Mary says:

    missing my message board..great for input..
    With the speed of technology a topic for discussion is new technology, and what is it good for or how is it being used in real estate.

  • Tanya,

    I hope point 2 will consider keeping all of the old message board posts. I understand that it may appear that some posts were only addressing specific individuals but I have personally gleaned alot of information from these posts and I doubt I am the only one.

    RE: In looking through previous posts, some of them are specific issues that related to one person and was localized to their Point2 Agent account. Those types of posts will not be moved over.

  • What’s up with the your comment is waiting moderation. We are a group of responsible professionals here, is it really necessary to moderate our posts? UUGH…..

  • Maybe that was my mistake but my first message said message pending moderation. Second message appeared to post immediately.

    Sorry if I spoke out of turn.

    • Chris says:

      Hi Kirsten,

      In the interest of full disclosure, I will say that all the comments on our blog do go through moderation.

      Being a public blog, we are subject to all manner of spam comments and automated responses. Moderation helps ensure that none of this nastiness slips through the cracks and floods the genuine dialogue that takes place.

      That being said, our team of blog admins are on here all-day everyday, so you can be sure that any comment that is posted will be approved as soon as humanly possible 🙂

  • Kirsten,
    We’re hoping to provide the information that everyone will find helpful. Most of the posts have actually become FAQ’s, so I am finding that many of the topics I go to move over are already available!

    That’s a great topic – you should post it on Zendesk (http://www.point2homes.com/agent-websites/products/point2agent/support). There are so many different devices, laptops, softwares, gadgets, widgets, and tools being used by a variety of people for so many different things. I know several people here at Point2 have iPhones and LOVE them…which only makes me want to upgrade from a regular cell phone to an iPhone. I know that I can’t function properly without my iPod! 🙂


  • I would like to see the message board back

  • raj dhaliwal says:

    How do I talk to other members now? looks like you have taken away my support group. This new forum is nothing like the one we had. I am afraid this new help desk is not going to have all the hacks & workarounds that members offered to each other on the old forum.. This new forum is very limited it looks like, How do I start a new thread. I don’t see any member writing anything there..

  • Kieran Loughman says:

    You have made your point with me. I was going to quit the service. It was pointless. The changes you have made have caused me to rethink my idea of quitting. I like what I see and will stick with point2nls. You have made your point and I no longer believe eeverything is pointless.

  • Ehsan says:

    Looks like with Zendesk point2 may reply and manage issues quickly, but Please restore the message Board, It was not just a Help and Support forum, it was a Global Networking Forum of Point2 Real Estate Agents, Because of this i got to know so much about Foreign Real Estate Agents and Practices, and got to know many good folks,
    If you cant restore it back than Introduce a similar Exclusive Forum, where only Point2 Members can Read and Write things, and it should not be accessible by public.

  • Raj,
    Members can now communicate with each other via “Community Chat”. You can post new topics, or read currently-posted topics to make comments and share insights. We’ve already moved a number of previous insights and workarounds to this forum.

    I’m glad you’re liking what you see! Besides the new support tool, we’ve also updated a number of resources on our Education website (www.Point2AgentEducation.com), including offering over triple the number of Education Sessions for 2010. We’ve got some great things in store for 2010, so stay tuned!

    Zendesk will operate much like the Message Board did, in the way that it can allow all of the Point2 Community access to resources, our Customer Care Team, and each other. The benefit of this new format is that everything that is written or referenced is searchable, making it easier to find what you are looking for. All members can post in the “Community Chat” forum, as mentioned above. Login is required to create new topics and make comments, although you are correct – things can be read by anyone looking for support and assistance.

  • Paul Hillstrom says:

    The message board needs to come back in some form.

    No, there is not ‘some’ good content there; there is a tremendous amount of ‘excellent’ content that can not just be blown away without notice.

    Most interesting, most valued, are the specific issues. Topics of ‘general’ interest can usually be found by just reading the manual.

    This occurred with another real estate related vendor that I have been associated with for 6 years and the sense of community the forum had created was totally lost.

  • Why point2 only improve there service for Unite state and Canada, what about us the website owner from another country like me, as i understand i am paying the same ammount that website owner from Unite state and canada pay or are they paying more?

    So manny realtors from Dominican Republic are cancel or waiting till the mambership with point2 be over, because they dont realy do nothing for international realtors, every single thing they do is only for the countries id mention.

    Hope Point2 do something for us too, if not i will be the first to leave your services.

    • Hi Alex,

      Which service are you referring to? Our updated support tool found at http://www.point2homes.com/agent-websites/products/point2agent/support is accessible to all our customers – regardless of which country they are in. There should be no differences in service between what an agent in the Dominican Republic experiences and what an agent experiences in the United States, Canada, or any other country experiences.

      The only differentiating factor will be which of our syndication partners you have access to, as some of our partners only accept listings from certain countries – but we are always working to bring on more partners to serve you better 🙂

  • Larry Hann says:

    Sorry guys I just checked out your new community forum. It’s very unlikely I’ll ever use it. Reads too much like a manual for me, there is no community feel at all. Too bad! P2 had a good thing going with the community forum. It was a great way to learn, exchange ideas, and it did have a feeling of community.

    A searchable data base is a good thing, but did you have to sacrifice the human touch and interaction.

    Frankly the optics aren’t great. It’s coming at a time when a good number of P2 subscribers are calling P2 to task for not maintaining a competitive product. Maybe the move to Zendesk provided a blind behind which you could dismantle the forum.

    Just my thoughts for what they’re worth.

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