Beam me up Scotty, the iPad is here


The iPad is here, the iPad is here! 

Alright, alright, I’ll stop shouting.  But just in case you haven’t been subject to the media bombardment surrounding Apple’s newest tech toy, the ‘bigger-than-an-iPhone-and-smaller-than-a-laptop’ gadget has been causing quite the stir among technology lovers everywhere.

Reminiscent of Star Trek’s PADD (Personal Access Display Device), the iPad has been proclaimed as “the best way to experience the web, email, and photos”.  This may be true, but I was hoping the newest Apple wunder-gadget would have a few more of the things that most people consider essential in a personal computing device.

No USB port?
No multitasking?
No camera?
No SD Card Slot?

I mean, c’mon…when held captive, Dr Arik Soong was able open every lock in an entire San Francisco prison using nothing but his PADD! Alright, maybe that was in space, on television, and about 150 years in the future. But still… no camera?!  Even my bulky laptop has a camera in it.

Call me a Luddite, but I’m pretty content with my current technology setup.  Perhaps I will be more inclined to pull out my credit card when version two or three comes along – or when the elements I consider a necessity are included.

But that’s just my opinion.  The bigger question is:  How will the iPad fare in the eyes of increasing tech-savvy real estate agents?  The iPad has the potential to be a game changer for real estate.

Just how, you ask?  Here’s just a few of the benefits we spotted…

– Real Time Access – make appointments, check your email, or make VOiP calls anywhere
– High def video, pictures, and virtual tours of properties
– Digital listing presentations
– Bring up neighborhood goodies from the likes of Google Street View, Yelp, or Zillow
– Possibilities for future killer apps are almost limitless. Custom mobile-CRM anyone?
– Go paperless – take care of contracts on the fly. Faxes are so 1980.

So what do you think?  Do you plan on investing in your very own modern day PADD?  Will you pre-order or brave the mobs when the iPad hits store shelves and give ‘the best online experience ever’ a try, or is this just another case of too much hype and not enough substance?


  • I think it should also include GPS. I’ll wait for the second generation before getting one.

  • Megan says:

    I never realized you were such a Trekkie, Tanis!

    I feel the same way you do … some of the things you listed that I’d also consider ‘necessities’ aren’t included. But, like the iPhone I’ll probably end up wanting one when I see how cool it makes everyone else look! 😉

  • Norm Fisher says:

    I’m not nearly as underwhelmed as many seem to be, though I agree that there are some keys features missing. I love the idea of a device that just turns on as opposed to being “booted up.” Nice for in home presentations of web access in a hurry. I will likely buy one but I’ll wait until they’re available and what kind of 3G options are available.

  • JM Young says:

    I agree with everything that’s been said. Mainly that it is missing some key features. I am a real estate agent and currently use a Lenovo convertible tablet for work, so that I can have my clients sign contracts on the spot, email and fax them instantly. This iPad is lacking an important feature to truly take advantage of it for work…a stylus pen. would it really have taken up space in the design to have a slot for a pen to go in? And the inability to multi-task makes this item a big NO for me. Why that is so difficult for Apple to include in such a potentially versatile device is beyond me. I don’t want to have to pay extra for “aps” to read javascript or to multi-task. They missed the boat on this, but I’m really hoping they’ll correct some of that before they release it (based on feedback they’ve been receiving). The other consideration for me, is that Apple products are always very compatible with some real estate software (MLS systems, etc)…does that mean I’d ahve to purchase another ap? And is it so difficult to include a USB port and other simple/common ports to extend the versatility and usefulness of the product? If they do come “unlocked” that would be great; but as of now I understand that it will just be AT&T again for internet access. That’s a mistake.

    • Chris says:

      Great points JM! Working in the marketing/creative department at Point2 the one thing I would really like to be able to use the iPad for is a convert-able drawing table – like those made by Wacom. This however is dependent on stylus support, as you mentioned. So I guess I’ll be waiting for generation two as well.

  • JM Young says:

    I meant to say that Apple products AREN’T always compatible with some real estate software.

  • Claudia says:

    I think despite the fact that some key features are missing I am so going for it 🙂 It will be great for blogging and presentations and for GPS pictures and video I will still have my iphone (which I always have with me). I see the iPad really as the modern version of a notebook/agenda and that’s how I will use it mostly. Can’t wait for it to be available! I haven’t pre-ordered because before I buy I want to check it out in the store (just in case). One thing I haven’t decided yet though is if I should buy the 3G version… I just LOVE Apple!!

  • Dale Falkowski says:

    Always a hard decision. Wait or buy now and upgrade later. It will depend on how many closings I have before they hit the market.
    If our mls was apple compatible I would buy one now. How many times do you need to look something upwith a client in the car and can’t do it on a practicle basis?

  • Mark Avedian says:

    I think there are too many items that are needed to invest it it with the proposed configuration.

  • Derek says:

    I recently converted from windows to apple. At first I thought I made a mistake. Now I dream about apple. As far as this IPad. I think apple intends on this IPad being simple at this moment. They are trying to use this to capture the market of people who are affraid of computers. Apple makes most of there stuff work over bluetooth or wireless. So they do not put many usb’s in there computers. I hated this when I bought my mac, now I do not mind it. As far as a GPS. I dont think many of you will be wanting to put this on a dash to follow on the road. If you really want to, than there are apps like Google Maps. IPad will be great for listing appointments. It will be awesome when out with buyer’s. THe best thing of all it is cheap for apple. They probably did not add all the bells and whistles because they wanted to keep it cheap and make it user friendly for people who do not know computers. I think in time they will come out with a second version that will have all the bells and whistles for us computer savy. If nothing else this kills the kindle and sony reader. I plan on buying one. Apple will work with your MLS to. You may have to buy a program called parallels. It allows you to run your mac operating system and windows xp, vista or 7 at the same time. The funny part is my mac runs my windows xp batter and faster than my dell computer did.

  • Jackie says:

    Is there an app for parallels for the iphone? My only issue with anything apple is that I cannot run my MLS system. It will only run on Internet Explorer….I had to have the iphone anyway so I use alot now to get the info I need until I get back to my computer.

  • Steven Andrade says:

    Just wondering if anyone can share a user experience? Up in Canada we have to wait until May 28 to get our hands on Apple’s latest and greatest creation! I see the potential when it comes to digital listing presentations and showing prospects samples of your virtual tours, feature sheets, video tours and other digital marketing efforts but I have to agree with Tanis on the obvious missing features. I’ll probably wait for a 2nd generation version but would love to hear any actual user feedback.

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