Window Farms – Gardening Without the Garden


It’s not your imagination – the ‘burbs are becoming more cramped.  With half of the world’s population living in urban centers, and another other 1/3 moving into them by 2050, the trend towards urbanization is becoming a growing concern for everyone.

A survey conducted back in 1998 of 24 American cities by Fannie Mae expected the number of downtown residents to grow by 2010 – some by more than 200%.  Well, 2010 has arrived, and not only has ‘downtown’ living risen; it’s probably not going to slow down any time soon.  In fact, a survey conducted of baby boomers found that only 49% of respondents even had a backyard to begin with!


If you’re like me, you enjoy the perks that come with having a backyard.  In particular, one of my most treasured parts of having a backyard is having a garden.  I don’t have the greenest of thumbs, but I don’t mind planting a few things – and if it grows, even better!  Not to mention a garden allows me to scratch a few things off my grocery list.  But if these urbanization trends do continue unabashed, the whole concept of a garden might evaporate.

But not is all lost for the gardens of old!  The other day, a colleague of mine showed me a site demonstrating the art of Window Farms – a type of urban agriculture rapidly growing in popularity.  While this idea may be tailored for those in dense urban centers like New York or Tokyo, its concept can be adopted almost anywhere.  Not only are these vertical veggie farms healthy and low energy, but they also make a pretty unique window display.

(Photos from Britta and Rebecca’s photostream on Flickr)

The idea came to life when Britta Riley and Rebecca Bray, (an artist-in-residence duo at Eyebeam – a nonprofit art and technology center in the US)  developed the ‘Window Farms experiment’. Utilizing social networking, the pair developed a Do It Yourself and community support system for creating vertical gardens.

Window farms can be constructed using recycled materials and are completely hydroponic.  There is dedication involved, but the end result is definitely worth it.  If you’re next buyer is a garden enthusiast seeking out urban living, offer up this enviro-friendly solution.

Window Farms Introduction from BRandRB on Vimeo.

Why not save a few bucks, and earn yourself some dinner in the meantime!
Check out more on Window Farms right here.


  • Corinne says:

    Love your ideas!! I am a full supporter of the roof top gardens as well.
    It is people who think outside of the box that are really going to help our society change and grow.
    What a great idea for young kids who live in urban centres. It would help them learn about the environment amoungst a “concrete” jungle.
    I will definately keep in touch with your website to see your progress.

  • Al says:

    I use this system and it’s a good one. Has become the center of our marketing for all of our clients.

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