‘Tis the Season…


Everyone has their own unique traditions when it comes to the holidays.  Here at Point2, it’s hard to miss a plate of yummy holiday treats on just about any floor.  I’ve been doing my best to avoid them, and so far I’ve been successful! 

Not only are the holidays a time of festivities, family, friends, and more…but it’s also a time of reflection and giving thanks.  Personally, as I look back at the past year, I can say with confidence that it’s been a great one on many levels.  I joined the Marketing Team last summer after having spent a couple years with our outstanding Customer Care Team.  Not only am I thankful for everybody here at Point2, but for the team that I am a part of.  Every day I look forward to sharing with an incomparable group of people.

From all of us at Point2…whether you celebrate the holidays or not, we wish you and yours the very best.  We have some of the best customers ever – some of you we have had the pleasure to meet, and those we haven’t met – we look forward to meeting you in the future.  We greatly appreciate your business and allowing us to be a part of your profession.  2009 has been an outstanding year, and we want you to know that we’ve been listening to all of you…there are truly some exciting things to come in 2010.

Stay safe and enjoy the season!


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