Needed: One lottery win and a home in the sun


winterThe weather here has got me thinking about warmer climates.  When you live in Saskatchewan, the cold weather doesn’t really come as a surprise – we get it every year.  No matter how long you’ve lived here, the first few weeks still come as a shock.  Also, there comes a time when some of us reach that ‘breaking point’.  The thought of one more winter is almost unbearable.

I think I am at that point.  Cold weather I can deal with – bitterly cold is another story.  Today, with the windchill factor, it’s a balmy – 40 Degrees Celsius. What does that translate to for our friends beneath the border?  It’s -40 Degrees Fahrenheit.  Perhaps my distaste for winter is also heightened by the fact that at this very moment one year ago, I was just checking into my hotel along the white sandy (and very warm) beaches of Varadero, Cuba.  With no tropical getaways on the horizon this year, it’s going to be a very, very long winter.

I started browsing through to see what kind of tropical paradises I could find (I am confident that I am going to win the lottery soon…so I might as well start looking now).  After checking out a few different destinations of choice, I decided on this little piece of heaven in Puerto Rico. 

PuertoRicoListing1 PuertoRicoListing2 PuertoRicoListing3

I am a sucker for palm trees, and I’m almost positive I could put up with the indoor movie theatre, beautifully landscaped yard, outdoor pool, and marble finishes.  For just under a million dollars, this one has my name written all over it!

Listing agent Lori Pratt has showcased the home quite well, using all 36 photos available to Professional members.  She has also used the ‘Rooms’ feature to provide additional detail.  A complete description and highlights area provides further insight to potential prospects (like me).  It’s no lie – a listing that’s descriptive and detailed gets more attention.  That’s how I stumbled on to this one.

Alright, perhaps the weather is making me a little delirious, but dreaming big is the only thing that keeps me warm.

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  • Vera Holman says:

    We have a lot of ex-Saskabushers here in BC. I even did “my time” there in RCAF before they closed the base at Rusholme and P. Right now, the Sunshine Coast is averaging about 5 or 6 Celcius, and those who choose to do so are “wintering” in Mexico or Phoenix or Florida!

    I’m quite resolved to my fate in balmy West Vancouver, with the occasional trip for a few days here and there to Universal Studios,
    Los Angeles Pitchfests promoting scripts and Las Vegas Realty Conferences!

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