Recognizing A Need


Red CrossGetting into my car this morning, I looked around at what appeared to be a really miserable day – single digit temperatures, overcast, drizzle, wet sticky leaves covering everything. Autumn is not always the grand, picturesque affair you see in films – sometimes it can really draw the energy right out of you. Driving to work I switched on the radio and learned that there had been another strong earthquake in Sumatra.

For those of you unaware, this makes three earthquakes, each with a magnitude greater then 6  in the last 48 hours – two in Indonesia and one near Samoa. At first, thinking about what a business analyst in Saskatoon can do about this great a crisis is somewhat humbling. What we can do, at the very least, is encourage you to help and direct you to some ways to do so.

Please visit the links below which direct to the Canadian and American Red Cross web pages. Both of them have donation forms which will allow you to send help to where it is most needed.  After hearing accounts of what it’s like in other parts of the world, a cold and rainy morning in Saskatoon is suddenly something to be quite thankful for.

Canadian Red Cross:

American Red Cross:


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