Looking for ‘Oodles’ of Listing Exposure?


You love syndication, and so do we.  Each and every syndication partner has something invaluable to offer, and we love telling you about each of them.  After all, it’s your listing – and you need to know where they go.  This month, we focus on Oodle.

Based in Sand Mateo, California, Oodle is one of the largest aggregators of classified ads.  This popular site was founded in 2004 and launched in 2005 by Craig Donato, Scott Kister, and Faith Sedlin, and is home to approximately 40 employees.

Aggregating over 500,000 listings every day from over 80,000 different sites, Oodle has an approximate listing inventory of 40 million and is growing daily.  The site receives approximately 4 million unique visitors each month, according to their company profile.

Need more reasons to syndicate to Oodle?

Not only is it free, (who doesn’t love free?!)  but did you know Oodle’s partner network powers classified ads for over 200 major players?  Some of which include Facebook, Walmart, Myspace, and many more.  Searching is made simple on Oodle.  Just by selecting their location and category prospects to find what they are looking for quickly and easily.  Oodle also saves recent searches for added convenience.


Oodle is available to the United States, Canada, and the UK and displays both Rental and For Sale properties – from Commercial to Vacations Properties, and everything in between.

Looking for more information about Oodle?  Visit their website right here.

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