New Point2 Agent Email System Almost Here!



It’s almost here.  Next week marks the start of the migration to the new Point2 Agent Rackspace email accounts!

Between the weeks of September 15-October 9, current email accounts through Point2 will switch over to Rackspace email accounts.  Due to the volume of emails within Point2 Agent, this migration will be done in stages.  Users will receive a migration notification email indicating when your specific email address(es) will be migrating over to Rackspace.

Email addresses will remain the same, but all new emails will be delivered to the new Rackspace email account(s).

Here are a few answers to commonly asked questions:

What happens to all the emails in my current email account?
In the weeks following September 15, they will be migrated over to a new email account.  During the migration time-frame, you will still be able to access previous emails in the old account.  Once migration is complete, all older email will be reunited and accessible in your Rackspace account, which provides users with further spam filtering, task management, time organization, and email messaging options.

What do I need to do prior to my migration date?
Exporting contacts from current accounts, so that they can be imported into your new Rackspace account.  This will allow users to retain all of the current prospect information, as well as provide opportunities to add further information, add prospects to mailing groups, and having a Frequent Contacts list of those who are emailed the most.

I need more information or assistance.
To help the transition between email providers, we have created email migration FAQ’s (which includes information regarding downloading email to Outlook) and pulled together key information about Rackspace.

If you are a Point2 Agent user keep an eye out for your migration notification email!

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