Invaluable Design Tool: Color Hunter



I think that we can all agree that based solely on this picture from Ugly House Photos, color is important.

Well, actually, I think that might be an understatement.  When it takes just 50 milliseconds (or 1/20th of a second) for a user to form an opinion when arriving at a website I would say that color is definitely closer to mission critical.

That being said, it is much harder than it seems to come up with a great color scheme/palette that gives off just the right vibe for your website.  There are lots of great colors out there for inspiration, but as anyone who has ever tried to re-paint something without knowing the exact original color knows, matching is hard!


It is for these reasons that I am so excited about the site that Bryan passed along to me this morning – Color Hunter.

Essentially this amazing web app is a way for you to create five-color palettes from photographs (the most common form of design/color inspiration), but it also gives you the ability to search Flickr photos based on color, similar to Idée Inc’s Multicolor Search.  Here is an example palette that was created when I uploaded a photo from a recent Point2 Agent photo shoot (bonus points if you can figure out which of the Point2 Agent blog contributors is the model in the uploaded photo).


Once the palette has been created you can use the provided color hex codes to to help you add color to your websites or print documents, as well as use the vibrancy button to see the palette choices as either bright or dull, which comes in very handy should your palette be too saturated with color.


The great thing is, Color Hunter is a free to use, and if you’d like the ability to save a list of your favorite color palettes for future reference (you never know when you’ll need them again),  you can sign up for a free account here.

So what do you think of Color Hunter?  Have any other little web design gems to share?  Leave a comment and join the conversation.


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