Thrillion Dollar Listings


OK, I know thrillion, cajillion, and bazillion dollar amounts don’t really exist.  But, when you see some of these high-end listings currently on you’ll probably be coming up with your own spin-off words for ‘a million dollars’ – they’re that good!  What makes them awesome listings isn’t just that they carry impressive price tags, but also the way the listings are presented.

Take a look.

Right now on Point2 Homes there are currently over 12,000 listings For Sale at over $1 million dollars in North America alone.  So, obviously I couldn’t show them all, but these few stood out to me.

This luxury residence in Stowe, Vermont is just one of many million dollar listings for sale in this town.  Priced just shy of $3 million, you can have this 2 story ‘contemporary farmhouse’ with 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms.  The view out of the huge picture window seems utterly breathtaking.  I’d love to see it in real life!

Listing in Stowe


Moving on to another one that really caught my eye is this home in Denver, Colorado in the neighborhood of Cherry Hills.  I live in a small one-bedroom apartment.  I’ve been wanting to have some room to stretch out and this place is just perfect for that, with 10,800 sq. ft., 7 bedrooms, and 9 bathrooms.  Yes – 9 bathrooms!  The rustic charm of this Italian-style villa makes such a large place seem quaint and cozy, and the price was recently reduced by $1 mil, making the home available for the tidy sum of $11,900,000.

Listing in Cherry Hills


And, finally for good measure, a gated French-style chateau in Toronto, Ontario for $6,250,000.  This home is located in The Bridle Path, and the name just makes me think beauty, luxury, and opulence.   With 10 bathrooms and 12,000 sq.ft., this listing beat out the other two in size and amount of plumbing required.  (Did I mention I am married to a plumber!?!)  This home is simply stunning, and with the gleaming hardwood floors and giant rooms I can picture many fancy parties being held here.

Listing in The Bridal Path


I hope you all enjoyed viewing these luxury listings as much as I enjoyed finding them on Point2 Homes.

No matter the price range of the listings you have in your inventory, the key is to have excellent, professional-looking listing photos (Bryan, our resident shutterbug, has a great collection of posts that can help you with this), a well-written detailed description, and to include as much rich listing information as you possibly can.  This way your listings will be distinctive and rise above as an outstanding listing.

Who knows, we just might feature your listing next time around!


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