The Real Estate Technology Guide: Basic Web Design


With around 200,000,000 websites currently on the internet, you’d think web design would be a cinch.  Ask around though, and it’s obvious that most people really don’t know the first thing about what it takes to design an effective, slick-looking website.  And why should they?  There’s so much other stuff to learn about – like how to use an iPhone, program a universal remote, or build a shed.  Personally, the last thing I worry about on a warm, summer day is how many web crawlers indexed my site since my last blog post.

Too lazy for web design...

Too lazy for web design...

Like many complex tasks, it’s hard to know where to begin.  Web design might as well be called “complex, integrated, coding architecture for interactive, public promulgation” to better suit the mind-boggling headache that accompanies the learning process. There are a few things that can make the introductory process a bit easier to digest, especially when combined with an automated design platform like Point2 Agent.  Before I get into details, let’s add another title onto the Real Estate Technology Guide series:

Essentially, there’s a few steps outlined in the video that I feel any agent ought to consider before designing a website:

1) Develop goals and stick to them. Ask yourself, why am I creating this website?

2) Target a market niche.
This will help provide focus right from the start.

3) Plan the basic structure. Ask yourself, how many web pages do I require to effectively meet my goals?  Am I missing anything?  Can anything be removed?

4) Plan the page layout. Decide how much written content you need, as well as image/photo requirements.  How will it all integrate?

5) Choose a color theme, style, and mood. Sites like Colourlovers and Kuler will provide you with a ton of options for themes. 

6) Start Designing. Begin uploading graphics, and entering written content – edit to taste.  Of course, Point2 Agent members can prepare all of this from within their online account, and avoid the coding process if desired.

If you need a hand getting started with your Point2 Agent website, be sure to check out the list of live sessions offered by our education team.

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