Point2 Syndicates Listings to The Real Estate Book


The Real Estate Book

We are happy to announce that we’ve added a new syndication partner to our ever-growing list – The Real Estate Book. 

Syndication to the Real Estate Book’s website (www.TheRealEstateBook.com) will boost the exposure for your listings with multi-media distribution that is second to none!

More than 1 million unique visitors access the listing content at TheRealEstateBook.com, in addition to unparalleled print exposure in more than 450 markets across North America.

To see how listings appear at The Real Estate Book, click here.

Learn more about listing syndication through Point2 Agent at our website.


  • Carol says:

    Does this apply to Canadian listings as well?

  • Megan says:

    Yes, members in both US and Canada can syndicate listings to The Real Estate Book.

  • If a listing is posted in the Realestatebook and the MLS which feed will now get precedence? What happens with a listing in the realestatebook that has already been sold? How does it get removed from the database in a timely fashion?

  • Jennifer Anderson says:

    Syndication partners determine their own priority ranking in their system, with information the closest to the listing source typically taking precedence. However, these priority ratings can be static.

    Depending on the type of syndication relationship that has been established, as listings within the Point2 network are marked ‘Sold’ they are removed from the syndication feed. In turn, when a partner such as the RealEstateBook processes the feed they too remove the sold listing from their listing information.

    – Jennifer Anderson, Syndication Manager at Point2

  • Carol says:

    Hi! How about listings from the Philippines? Is it included in the syndication?

    • Chris says:

      Hi Carol,

      Thanks for the question. It looks like at this time TheRealEstateBook does not take listings from the Philippines, which means that syndication to this site will not be an option for Filipino users of Point2 Agent.

      If you would like to see all the countries which TheRealEstateBook takes listings, you can check them out here.

  • Craig Warren says:

    What an additional tremendous asset!
    Point2 Agent is quickly becoming the major player,for all others to measure themselves against

  • I have used point to homes for years. I am also in the real estate book. Will my listings be in there twice on just the one time? If they are put in through the Book can I still edit them?
    I am also on the Tech committee for OGAR in Joplin MO We voted to syndicate with P2H. What a great tool point2home is to realtors. Can you hurry up this syndication process? It will be so nice to only put the listings in once and have them sent to you as well.

  • jim says:

    when will this begin – i checked for my selbyville de listings at $629900 and do not see it? i wonder when my 15 listings will be in the book. jim

  • jim says:

    sorry i see it – i needed to check the – show partner listings – box. it comes up but without a photo?

  • Real Estate Marketing, Point2 Agent announces syndication partnership with The Real Estate Book | BRER Real Estate Marketing Blog says:

    […] The Real Estate Book as a new syndication partner, your Point2 listings will appear on TheRealEstateBook.com, which is a highly trafficked website.  […]

  • Virginia says:

    Does this mean that we don’t have to manually input our listings anymore to REB?

  • GARY says:

    Does this auto populate from MLS in Winnipeg ?Do we have to manually enter the listings in Point2 Agent in order for the listings to apear on The Real Estate Book ?

  • Megan says:

    The new relationship between Point2 Agent and Realestatebook.com provides valuable exposure for Point2 Agent members on RealEstateBook.com as partner listings.

    To gain enhanced exposure on RealEstateBook.com, secure additional online exposure through partner feeds to other major real estate sites, or to advertise in the local print edition, contact your local Real Estate Book publisher.

  • Megan says:

    Gary – Currently listings from the MLS in Winnipeg are not automatically pulled into the Point2 system, so they won’t automatically be syndicated to any of the partners we have available. You’ll have to enter your listings in your Point2 Agent account to syndicate your listings to all of our syndication partners.

    We can work with your MLS to have all their members’ listings syndicated. Just fill out the contact form here: http://www.point2homes.com/agent-websites/products/point2agent/about/MLSsAndAssociations.asp
    and we’d be happy to try to get your MLS on board.

  • Its great that you now have the real estate book as a syndicating partner. My office publishes in the Real Estate Book online website, and now it saves me the effort of of imputing the info twice.

    I have commercial listings as do other Point2 members. Are there and efforts to increase the commercial syndication partners. Popular sources are Loopnet.com and Costar.com that allow free public listings. they actually compete with one another to be the #1 commercial resource on the web. Chances of adding one or the other may increase, if one saw that you had an interest in the other.

  • Jennifer Anderson says:

    Point2 Syndication to RealEstateBook.com provides valuable exposure for your real estate listings as line listings. However, this free syndication does not include the same features as direct advertising with RealEstateBook.com. Advertisers in The Real Estate Book should still submit their listings through AMS to experience all the benefits of their advertising investment.

    RealEstateBook.com offers a variety of enhanced products and services to its advertising clients. Information regarding RealEstateBook.com enhanced listings can be obtained directly through your local Real Estate Book publisher.

    – Jennifer Anderson, Syndication Manager, Point2 Technologies

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