A Dream Getaway – Anyone want in?


It has been unseasonably cold in Canada this spring.  If you were to visit Saskatoon, SK as I have been this past week, you would be echoing my words:  “It’s stinkin’ cold!”  Actually, I’ve said this so much that I am annoying myself – and probably everyone else around me.  (Sorry about that!)

So, I decided it was time to make an escape.  And I have found just the place where I am going to run to.

Baja California Sur

Yep, that’s right, I’m going to Los Cabos, baby!  I found this listing on Point2 Homes and fell in love.  It’s just $7.9 million, and what a view. 

Because I am so generous I might be willing to go half-ers on the property with anyone who is interested.  There’s one condition though – I get dibs on what months of the year I get the place.

Ah nuts, I just checked my bank account.  I’m a few million dollars shy of the asking price.

Guess it’s onto Plan B – I hear the forecast calls for warmer weather on the weekend and into next week.  Finally!  That’ll do. 

Saskatoon Weather Forecast

There are some beautiful properties for sale closer to home too.  Maybe instead of going south, I’ll find myself up north at one of the many Saskatchewan lakes.

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