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We come across some very nicely designed websites here at Point2.  We’re pretty proud of what people can do with a Point2 Agent template.  So, every once in a while, we like to show these sites off and explain why we think they are noteworthy.

I happened across the Premier Real Estate website (www.reidrealtyteam.com) the other day.

I took some time to talk with the website owner, Robert Reid, as well as the website designer, Nancy Golliday, to get some further insight into their motivation and vision for redesigning this website.

Robert Reid has had his Point2 Agent account since 2007 and only recently decided to hire the professional design services of Nancy Golliday of First Coast Designs to give his website a sharper look, make the switch to a Brokerage site, and integrate a complete IDX solution.  The redesign of the Reid Realty Team website was completed in November 2008.

Robert’s original goals for customizing their Point2 Agent website were to build a user-friendly destination real estate site packed with useful tools online shoppers are demanding in today’s market.  A big emphasis was placed on creating a sticky website for the local Portland and SW Washington markets.

ReidRealtyTeam.com site

Using the www.reidrealtyteam.com website as a Broker site also meant that an Agent template website was created and customized with a custom header and made user-friendly for new agents.  The template website consists of 10-12 pages and a foundation of on-page SEO and lead capture pages, which individual agents can then further personalize.

In order to fulfill Robert’s vision, Nancy worked on making custom design changes such as adding a custom drop-down menu, graphics, and specialized forms.  In fact, Nancy explains that she spent the majority of the time working on changing the website over to a Brokerage website and implementing a full-featured IDX solution.  The www.reidrealtyteam.com blog was also customized to match the look of the website.  We can see her hard work in action here.

ReidRealtyTeam.com blog

In addition to the custom design work, focus was made on updating the content throughout Robert’s website to ensure that it would not only benefit consumers who already knew about the site, but also attract search engine traffic and send new visitors to the site.  Part of this included working on area specifics and adding lots of listings.

The results speak for themselves.  According to Robert, his website traffic has increased dramatically.  Page views have doubled, average time on the site has tripled, and the increase of return visitors is substantial compared to before his site was customized.  No doubt, this success can be attributed to the improvements with website customization.  The original goals Robert had of creating a destination real estate site are being realized.

The great part about the design that Nancy has given the site is that it is not only custom, but also user-friendly for the brokerage to manage.  They’ve been able to add to the site and ‘play’ since the customization.  Nancy encourages this by saying, “Dig into your sites!”, and we couldn’t agree more.

After the customization of Robert’s site was completed, he personally likes the IDX home search features that provide online users the ability to build their own listing manager account.  Also, the masterful job Nancy did with the graphics carries the corporate color theme throughout the entire website.

Nancy agrees, that the overall feel of the site turned out amazingly.  It is light, airy, welcoming for the viewer with lots of ‘sticky’ – and Nancy loves ‘sticky’!

Personally when I visited this website one of the first things that caught my eye was the use of different types of media, including videos on this site.  In addition to rich content, the ability to provide information in various formats – like video – provides website visitors the option to choose how they best want to receive that information.  Variety is a great thing.

The website contains tons of awesome design elements but what I appreciated the most was the original content that was used throughout the site.  The content was relevant to what visitors would want, informative, and well-presented.  This is a great plus for both consumers and for search engines.

Your site looks great Robert.  Great work Nancy!

Robert Reid is Designated Principal Broker of Premier Real Estate in Lake Oswego, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington. 

Nancy Golliday, of First Coast Designs, is a Point2 Agent Alliance Member Program approved Website Designer.  For more information about Nancy and our other AMP members please visit our website here.


  • Gary Stelle says:

    This website is really fantastic. Nancy’s work is some of the best I have ever seen for real estate agents. When I was told what she charges my jaw hit the floor because her sites are as good as the ones that cost tens of thousands of dollars. Her prices are way too low and if I was an agent I would be calling her quickly before those prices go up.

  • Arnold Mills says:

    This site was awesome. I am amazed at the quality and amount of stickiness this site has. Can anyone tell us in more specifics the percentage climb for new prospects?

  • Robert Reid says:

    Gary – You couldn’t be more correct…Nancy has a great eye for web design and I give her all the credit, she could certainly charge more and I for one would pay more.

    Arnold – Thanks for the kudo’s. In this market we have stretched our marketing to a wider consumer base, but can say before Nancy designed the site as you see it today we where averaging around 2% for new consumer registrations, we are now hovering in the 9-12% range for new registrations.

  • Lilo says:

    What great work Nancy does.
    Great look and user friendly

  • Reid Realty Team has a clean site; there’s plenty of white space; it’s not confusing or too busy; the map is a nice touch, too.

  • The site looks lovely. I have had the opportunity to work with Nancy before. She is truly a pleasure to work with.

  • The Website design is very good, but has used many I-frames and not Point2 Tools.

  • Tom Acton says:

    You should look at some of the standard member web sites. Most of us start there and want to see what others are doing and how their sites work. The way I see it Point 2 is just doing some free advertising for their premium services. It is hard to justify the expense in our market where the average house cost is so low.

    I think the people that do it by themselves should get a pat on the back too!

  • Alexa says:

    Your Website Design looks good and article was nice. Thanks for sharing.

  • Bedok Residences says:

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