Of baseball, pasta, subways and…oh yeah, NAR Midyear


NAR Mid-year in Washington DC was a great success for the P2 road crew.

Point2 had so many folks to talk to at this event that we sent a huge contingent – 8 people.

We had some great meetings with MLS-types, with REALTOR® Association-types, with technology-types and with plenty of good old-fashioned agents and brokers.

And of course we spent a bit of time enjoying the city:

– we took what I’m told is the World’s Longest Escalator down to purchase the World’s Most Confusing Tickets for the Washington subway

– we  watched a Philadelphia Phillies Washington Nationals home game that was very entertaining, though not very well-attended (at least not by Nats fans :))

Best Italian Restaurant Ever

– we ate at an Italian restaurant called Filomena Ristorante.  If it were legal to divorce my wife to marry a restaurant, Filomena and I would be off on a beach somewhere right now.  And trust me, my wife would understand.

Mid-year was a great event – it’s nice to that so many MLSs and Associations are as excited to work with Point2 as we are to work with them.

See you at INMAN Connect in San Fran!

– The P2 Road Crew

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