Unforgettable – That’s What You Are(n’t)


There’s no point disputing it.  If you have a hook or something memorable about you, your personality, your business, or anything its likely people will remember you.  They may even remember you enough to think of you when someone asks ‘Do you know of a good…’ anything.

Aside from dyeing your hair crazy colors, piercing and tattooing yourself, and possibly wearing outrageous clothing, how can you make sure you are truly unforgettable?

In today’s real estate game, a majority of first impressions are made online.  A large percentage of home buyers (87% to be precise, according to the NAR 2008 Home Buyer and Seller Survey) turn to the internet first to find a Realtor.

If you already have an incredible web presence and are unforgettable, congratulations.  For the rest of us, likely the majority of us, here are a few tips you can put to good use in increasing the “unforgettable factor” of your website.

Be Found

The first part of the battle is making sure that you are found when these potential buyers do a search in your market area.  You’ll find endless sources of advice telling you how to optimize your website to be found.  A common thread among all advice is to ensure that you have rich content on your website.  This is definitely necessary.

What is ‘rich content’ anyways?

Words, pictures, and videos all work together to contribute to an overall ‘rich’ website.

Make sure that what you say is clear but also descriptive in such a way to catch the attention of the search engines.  Your content should reflect the keywords that you want to be found with by search engines.  For example, if you want the search engines to find you for searches with the keywords ‘Homes for Sale in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan’ then you better make sure that you talk about the fact that you have homes for sale in Saskatoon SK within the content on your website.

Additionally, all your images should use descriptive keywords in the ALT tags for the search engines to reference.

Most importantly, make sure your website is appealing and the information easy to find.  If your website is jammed full of keywords but the content is simply not appealing or readable, it doesn’t matter if a search engine finds you if the visitors it brings you don’t stay.

Spring Cleaning

Once you’ve got your site set up the way you want, don’t think that’s the end of the journey.  In fact, it’s only just the beginning.

Keep your website fresh and exciting.  Don’t let it become stale.  Search engines love fresh content, but your website visitors will love it even more so.

You can start with tweaking your site once every few months, and then try to revisit your site more often, like once a month.  You can start now.  It’s spring.  What better time to dust off your website and give it a spot shine, than with a little bit of spring cleaning?

spring cleaning 

I am sending out a challenge to all our Point2 Agent members – of all membership levels – to step up and strip off the old tired site you’ve been keeping such a tight grip on for the past few years.  If you’re new to Point2 then here’s the perfect jump start on getting your site customized.

We want to see some fresh looking sites for spring.  Take before and after screen shots and send them to us.  We just might use your new fresh site as one of our Featured Sites in our monthly issue of The Point Online.

Get to work – start being unforgettable now!


  • Greg H. says:

    Good post – I’m glad that I found it on Twitter!

    I have one, incredibly important item to add to the section on search optimization. The most important tag in an SEO’s arsenal is the tag. Yet, when I look at websites, I am constantly surprised by how many poor titles there are.

    Consider these two examples:

    a) Bob Smith
    b) Regina Real Estate Sales – Bob Smith

    Which will generate more traffic? From a search perspective, users will have a much easier time finding Bob’s site if he uses titles like in ‘B’. And from a marketing perspective, Bob’s site will get more clicks with a really good title!

    There are millions of search optimization tricks and if you ever want to learn more, I encourage you to look me up.

  • Theresa Hill says:

    The idea of using alpha letters to improve the site is great. Words could easily grab a Buyer or Seller. This will be a creative challenge for a Real Estate Agent.

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