Calling All Gadgeteers


Time for a little bit of fun.

Tell me: What is the #1 tech gadget you simply cannot live without in your real estate business?

Be specific.  Tell me what and even a bit of why.

All comments received until Sunday Feb 15 will go into a draw for one free Point2 Homes Spotlight Ad for a listing of your choice.  I’ll announce our winner on Tuesday.

UPDATE: Entries into the draw are now closed.  Feel free to leave your comment still, however, no further entries will be accepted for the Point2 Homes Spotlight Ad as of midnight Sunday.  Keep watching our blog to find out if you’re the winner.


  • Well…my #1 is P2… is simply the best for me.
    It would be excellent if we can get a i phone application for P2.
    Work on it!! 🙂

  • Erika says:

    My Digital Camera & My Photo Editing Software! My team has had clients buy our listings sight unseen just from my photos and our virtual tours! From states away, buyers fall in love with our community photos & extensive virtual tours!
    So, I guess my third thing would be of course My Point2 Site!

  • Stuart Utley says:

    My BlackBerry, for sure, though there are many others vying for 2nd place including: my Point2 website and my company’s (First Weber Group, Inc. – the largest residential real estate firm in Wisconsin) new SmartPhone Multimedia delivery system, called FrontRunner!

  • Jay Thompson says:

    My G1 Android phone, bar none.

    With it I am constantly connected to the internet — I can surf, search, get and send email and even write a blog post (though that would be tedious). Not to mention I can make old-school phone calls.

    If I’m not connected to the internet I feel like a man lost at sea… hopeless despair. With that connection, I can literally do virtually anything I need to run my business.

  • Lou says:

    my #1 gadget is my smartphone. i will be replacing my treo 700 with the new blackberry storm soon. hopefully there is some compatability with point 2 site.

  • Theresa says:

    Well the blackberry keeps me connected but I do like my new call me on my website. It works and clients love it. The virtual tours are great and I am now using the audio feature which makes them different from the other agents in the area. More like a walking tour !!!

  • EXIT e-listings – as this tool does flyers, virtual tours with voice, video, call capture, individual property sites, and more, for less than $15/month and only having to enter the information once. I don’t know of any other company that offers something this powerful for so little. By using it, I can guarantee that I’ll have a listing on the first page of google.

  • My Treo! I use it to access the MLS, as well as, (obviously), to make calls & text people.

    OK, I have to share something with anyone who likes to text & drive at the same time…. Check out You just call their local number, say “text”, and you SPEAK your message at the prompt. Dial2Do texts your message to your contact! It also does emails, reminders and other neat tech stuff! I love it!

  • Sabrina Wierenga says:

    Definitely my Blackberry and my Tablet Pc!

  • Pam Ahern says:

    I love our phone number! It isn’t just the phone number; it’s the service behind our number. The phone number is a vanity number – the last four digits are “care” and we are The Care Team! The service behind it is through a company called iTELConnect. Basically it is unified messaging. I have a realtionship with a vendor from the company – Ken Swift – who has the best customer service! We have a toll free number attached to the service as well. The phone number has a “follow me” feature … a person only has to know one number, then when they call it, the call goes out to what ever number I have put in there to find me (usually my cell). It is also an efax. Clients remember and call the same number…. the system recoginzes a fax and automatically starts receiving, and then the system sends me an email that I have a fax (it comes in a .pdf format). I have mulitple “boxes” so that my team members can have extensions…..
    And, the list goes on.
    I can’t live without it!

  • Joyce says:

    My iPhone!! I love it!

  • Ann Watley says:

    my blackberry – no question

  • Combination of Tablet PC, Wireless Aircard, Palm Centro

  • Chuck Garretson says:

    My new HTC Fuze! I’ve had it less than a week and it has already surpassed my expectations and will prove indespensible to my business.

    Like all Windows Mobile devices, it syncs contacts between my phone and Outlook and is bundled with Microsoft Office Word, Excel and Powerpoint, all essential business applications.

    But, this device goes further by providing Voice Command which allow me to simply speak “Call Jim Client” to make a call… no voice learning needed and it works great with my Jawbone Bluetooth headset! The Fuze also has a voice recorder to record those “brilliant” ideas I have while I’m driving. Speaking of driving, the GPS function insures I’m never lost. And the 3.2 megapixel camera works very well for quick property photos. Last, but not least, with Internet Sharing, I can use the phone as a high-speed modem for my laptop.

    If I lost my HTC Fuze, I’d immediately buy another one. The only thing it hasn’t replaced is my TomTom One XL. But, I’ve only had it a week! 🙂

  • Megan says:

    Pam – your vanity phone number sounds like an amazing service! There’s no better way to make people remember your number than by association – also makes it really easy to give out your number, doesn’t it? 🙂

    Chuck – Your phone sounds like it can do just about anything. With all those features, who really needs a laptop any more? 😛

  • Megan says:

    Wow! Looks like we’ve got a lot of Blackberry devotees here.

    Keep the comments coming – I am lovin’ it. And, don’t forget to give us a reason why you picked what you did.

  • George William says:

    My Nokia E90 Communicator, HP Mortgage Calculator, Canon Digital camera, HP Laptop : )

  • The “gadget” that I can’t live without is my point2agent website. It is simply a must have if you are in the business of marketing real estate. With the vast sydication and ease of blogging, this is a quick learning tool that is exceptional and user friendly. Customers are amazed at the real time stats, comments, and updates that can be provided on the seller area login. This really takes the “worK” out of convincing listings of proper pricing… the stats reveal the true sense of correct pricing. Simply a MUST HAVE that I wouldn’t be able to excel in real estate without.

  • Linda Stein Boyd says:

    My cell phone. If your clients can’t reach you, you are out of business!

  • John McEwen says:

    My newest #1 gadget would have to be my Nikon D 60 camera! Talk about superior pictures. My old Canon Powershot worked well, but technology is ever changing. Check out my website for quality pictures.

  • Jarrett Hunter says:

    I honestly have to admit tha I can no longer function without my GPS. Use it or lose it certainly applies here as my mind has become mush for directions – difficult to make it home from the grocery store! Then comes my blackberry and my P2 🙂

  • Elisa Uribe says:

    My latest gadget is my blackberry and now it really has enabled me to feel like I can network face to face since I can still keep up on my emails and deals in progress. What a luxury!

    I love Point2Agent and still get excited when I get a lead from my website!

  • Natalie says:

    My Iphone. Thanks for cross-refferencing browsers just a few weeks ago. I am happy to be able to work on my P2web site while on a road . Now I don’t have to have my laptop with me all the time and look for ‘hot spot’. Iphone gives me all I need now (except access to mls for agents).

  • Two words: Iphone Apps

  • David Keith says:

    I’m going to cheat here a little bit and say my Samsung I760 smartphone used in conjunction with my point2 website….the two work hand in hand to notify me 24/7 of any activity through both email and via text messages…my phone keeps me on time throughout the week, connected with my desktop at work and my network server at the office….I can access MLS, get docs off of my PC, my laptop…..have my secretary scan a doc and send it to me by email…..I can go on & on & on….couldn’t live without it.

  • Lori Ballen says:

    My Laptop of course. Is that a gadget?

  • Diane Wilson says:

    My favorite high tech gadget is my iPhone. I can check email and respond quickly to any requests I receive even if I am on the road.

  • Fujitsu S300 or S510 mobile scanner. I’d love for all my busness to go paper-less this year.

  • Carlo Rogoff says:

    My Palm Centro, it gets my email, on the web and all 1200 contacts at my finger tips.

  • Ritu says:

    Absolutely Blackberry !!!

  • Lloyd White says:

    Hands down is my grandson’s talking ELMO. Elmo tells jokes, asks for help and assistance, tells stories and shakes all over when he laughs. A great stress reliever and puts you in the right frame of mind for other high tech devices such as blackberries, web sites and laptops.. Fortunately ELMO has a twin brother who now resides at my office.

  • Hanh Vo says:

    #1 is My P2 Website. I work with my site at least one hour a day 7 days a week.

  • No question, my Blackberry Curve! I’m always connected to email and love taking photos of my travels to post to a photo blog on the go.

  • Debbie DiFonzo says:

    Tough question – there are so many!

    I really could not live without my laptop. My laptop allows me to connect with people world wide, share information with others and seek out information.

    The laptop has changed the way real estate agents do business. We can now take our computers right to the client – showing pictures, writing contracts and so much more. It adds an air of credibility to what I do.

    (Of course, the Internet goes along with this! I am addicted!)

  • Norm Fisher says:

    Blackberry on a 3G network with Microsoft exchange server. Data syncs between two laptops and “the cloud” nearly instantly. Access to everything in Entourage (or Outlook) including email, email attachments, calendar, contacts, notes. Fast internet access in the palm of my hand, or turn it into a high speed modem easily tethered (bluetooth) to a laptop anywhere within network range. Alarm clock wakes me up at 6:00 sharp. GPS to keep me from getting lost. Media sync turns you into the ultimate iPod. Video? Don’t get me started. Blackberry, I really do love you. 🙂

  • tina farinas says:

    Hands down!! My blackberry – I don’t go anywhere with my blackberry. When I misplace it, I am so lost.

  • Megan says:

    I have to say I am pleased to hear how many of you consider your Point2 Agent website something you can’t live without. 😀

    Lloyd – talking ELMO – that put a smile on my face! Everyone should have an office ELMO. 😉

  • Kevin Ellis says:

    I would have to say my Blackberry. Simply the best orgainizer, datatbase storage and its dependable.

  • I cannot and will not go without my laptop my aircard is part of my makeup , I also have a phone I am past the Centro, into the Lotus, wonderful camera wide screen square design can be anywhere and do anything and still get all my email and can answer instantly, like when I am teaching a class…..

  • Blackberry Curve 8830.

  • Eric Slifkin says:

    My PDA, which syncs to my desktop and laptop through Microsoft Exchange. It also doubles as a broadband modem when I need mobile Web access from my laptop (but the built in browser and Email functions make that a rarity). It is the Swiss Army Knife of Realtor gadgets.

  • Kira Kirk says:

    I agree with so many about a GPS being a fabulous help, as well as a Blackberry or an iPhone, etc…but another service, (similiar to dial2go) that is really useful yet not mentioned yet, I don’t beleive, is It also lets you simply speed dial it and then verbally send txts as well as to email and txt yourself to remember things. Or add on others to send them reminders or messages. When I dont have a pen handy or I’m out and busy and meet someone, I can capture info and quickly call it in to my Jott account.

  • The tech gadget that I can’t live without is the Sales Genius software that I have installed on my isp server.With that program, I’m able to track when my clients have opened the emails that I send them as well as when they are currently online looking at my website and what pages they have looked at. It even prompts me when a client logs on so that I can give them a call because I know that they’re in a real estate frame of mind. It’s like Big Brother, except, I’m Big Brother.

  • Ron Sutton says:

    My Centro cell phone for checking mail for leads and our mls service has mobile access, plus of course making and receiving calls.

  • Gary J. Szolosi says:

    It is my GPS. Without my TomTom I would be lost, I mean lost really !

  • doug Bryant says:

    Has got to be my blackberry, point2 website

  • The internet and whatever I need to stay connected. My Blackberry Curve keeps me connected and I love the ability to check emails remote. Of course, my laptop is a very close second. Didn’t know we can have a “call me” connection on our Point2 website. I’ll have to find out more about that.

  • gloria says:

    I spend a lot of time on my laptop, and I use topproducer everyday…..

    its my laptop…

    I know I have an underutilized blackberry…i get my appointment minders in it…..but its tooooo small.

  • Misa Chavez says:

    If Point2 is considered a gadget, then that is my pick hands down. It is my office! My listings will show up on Point2 before they hit the MLS. When I’m searching for a property, I find better luck with Point2 then the MLS most of the time.

    (Just in case Point2 isn’t considered a gadget, then my digital camera would be #1, because a picture is worth more than a thousand words!)

  • Chrisa Nikoli says:

    Well, P2 and my digital, if it wasn’t the P2 then my digital camera would be useless…

  • Dave Rowlandson says:

    Here’s one that no one seems to mention.Docupen by Planon is a hand held scanner about the size of an 9″ fat pencil. It does full color scans, attaches to your laptop great for scanning docs at clients…well anywhere actually….

  • Emil says:

    Gadgets – Many people stated PT2 but this is not a gadget. PT2 is my business. I cannot live without my laptop. NOTHING replaces my laptop. Blackberry is great, but nothing replaces a laptop.

    I just started using on my website. I’m not sure if there is a ROI, but it’s easy and can be used on other sites.

  • I love my laptop. I take it everywhere. It is over 3 years old but works as hard and fast as I do (on a good day). I just added more RAM. It was incredibly easy and improved performance. I use my laptop for emails, writing, pictures (lots of pictures), presentations, spreadsheets, social networking. It also comes in handy when I am at long drawn out meetings because I can type away taking notes and check in other other screens in the boring moment as appropriate. As far as I’m concerned, by Blackberry is second to my laptop. I also love my navigator especially when I’m driving around with chatty buyers.

  • Oh, I forgot, of course, I work my Point2 site through my laptop. I love Point2. Thank you for all you do!

  • mary dewitt says:

    Best Gaget has got to be my phone and magic jack for complete mobility with my lap top no matter where I am.
    Have to have the internet whereever I go!

    Software must haves is Point 2 and I want listing book!

  • Steve Lauver says:

    My Blackberry, When clients email from my website, I can quickly return their message.

  • my cell phone… currently the iPhone
    Like many others, it is my life line. Without it, I would be lost.

    My real wife calls it my second wife.

    I say currently because the darn thing will not let you forward text.. What were they thinking?
    But it has completely replaced my laptop that used to be in the #1 position…

  • Art Hotes says:

    My Blackberry 8800, my P2 website, and I just came across a very cool tool for cell phone VM capturing….!


  • kim wolfe says:

    my iphone. i can take quick photo snapshots, call my clients, keep up with schedule on my calendar, look for a property on internet, write notes….all with the one device all in 1 day out. I’m connected to everyone and everything i need to be to do job well done.

  • Has to be my Motorola Q phone and a close second my Point 2 Web Site.

  • For me number 1 gadget is the new listing and uopdate notification provided by MRIS.

  • Jerry Boutin says:

    #1 Gadget is my blackberry. Access to the internet and I respond to my email before most Realtors in town respond to phone calls.

    #2 my 10-20mm wide angle lens mixed with photoshop for my pictures. If you’re a listing Realtor, this is an investment you NEED to make!

  • Chris Dowell says:

    #1: Blackberry
    #2: Tablet Computer
    #3: Digital Camera

  • Audry wolff says:

    My new best friend is my little camcorder by Insignia. While it has all the bells and whistles of a larger unit, it fits in a pocket or purse and is easy to take along. I’m having fun creating marketing videos that I will be incorporating into my website shortly.

  • Patrick says:

    My VX-6800 Verizon phone.

    1.) Has infra-red which allows me to open all lock boxes.
    Don’t have to carry around their phone size lock box opener.

    2.) Our MLS has us use a token that generates passwords each time we log into the MLS. “Onother piece of hardware to carry around”. Not me though – I have the software on my phone that generates all the passwords.

    3.) I can log into the MLS and search as if I was on the MLS itself. It allows me to log into the MLS and actually search anywhere ie:

    Orange County
    Los Angeles County
    Riverside County
    San Bernardino County
    San Diego County
    Ventura County
    Imperial County
    Santa Barbara County
    San Luis Obispo County
    Kern County
    Other California County
    Other State
    Foreign County

    Don’t know what I would do without my Vx 6800 Phone.

  • Christin says:

    I have to agree ….My BlackBerry. I was in Mexico last week and could still operate my business with little to no laptop time!

  • I love my samsung instinct … wish I could access my point2 like I do facebook. Then of couse my laptop which I will be replacing soon with a netbook of some sorts … toss beweteen Acer, Gateway netbook and Dell mini. We’re on teh go so much I need something a little lighter.

  • Egen says:

    I am unable to operate my businees without my cell phone. Checking emailing, replying to text messages updating my facebook status. I am unable to remember phone nuumbers. My phone synced with my car. Creating word documents and having my mortgage calculater on hand is sooooo,. Important…plus I can take pictures of me whenever I want…lol

  • Carmen says:

    Definitely, my Palm Treo.

  • G Lotz says:

    All gadgets have there place for a full service minded realtor and we use them all. Point 2 is a great web site( from 2003 ) with the exception of a Broker using it for an office site. When a Broker can help themselves to your generated business on your site and hide it from you, that is a major problem. Thanks to this feature we block the office and are not advertised as staff. If the sale staff were aware of this, Point 2 websites would suffer a great backlash. Point 2 offers a great product and it’s unfortunate that some Brokerages abuse this option.

  • Maureen Reed says:

    The list:
    Blackberry of course without it I won’t know who to talk too!!
    Authenticator – password provider – without it.. how would I log on to MLS to see all those listings
    Camera – without it how would I take all those wonderful photos
    Laptop – without it how would I be sending this email..
    Point2 – ditto from above – PLUS… where would I be without all those leads… I couldn’t afford the rest
    GPS – without that I’d be lost… and that’s no good..
    I’m sure there’s lots of others that’s not coming to mind at the moment…. but I think that’s a good start… of course providing they all work.. if they aren’t working then it becomes a little bit of a …………. enjoy… M.

  • Randy Lyon says:

    My Murano everyone from clients to mortgage professionals to fellow realtors all are impressed by the great smooth ride and sharp interior detail and craftsmanship.

  • My Blackberry!! I’d be lost without it. I can check email, surf the net, manage contacts and appointments…and make phone calls too!!

  • Jorge Nunez says:

    My Scanner, Copier, Printer, Fax is the Staff Sargeant in my business. It allowes me to scan it and email docs. away, it prints directly on to my CD and receives my camera chips directly into memory.

    Jorge Nunez

  • Don & Patty Klassen says:

    It’s still our laptop. We separate ‘our’ time from our ‘clients’ time so put our ‘do everything’ handheld on the shelf in favour of a ‘phone’ phone. We can focus on doing our admin work, editing our P2 site, searching for buyers and creating presentations whithout feeling hostage to every incoming call or Email etc. If it’s urgent we respond otherwise we get our work done and don’t feel overwhelmed. It works! Cheers.

  • Jake Duffy says:

    My Treo phone is my brain. It allows me to multi-task….a trait my wife thought I would never learn. I don’t think I could live without it.

  • Mike Nielsen says:

    I would say that my tablet pc (still using my 1st one I got nearly 4 yrs ago), my Point2 website and my Treo are all indespensible to my business. My Fujitsu SnapScan is a great tool also, as my FlipVideo…. so many toys.. 🙂

  • My treo cellphone… It has my contacts, calendar, web access and text messaging. It is synchronized with my desktop computer as well

  • I have to say my palm pilot as it can hold listings, get emails, access internet, and open lock boxes too.

  • Jaime Briggs says:

    Definitely my Blackberry! I used to be a Palm user, but now swear by the Blackberry.
    A close second for can’t do without technology is definitely the P2 website. I LOVE it ! The leads and referrals that I generate daily are amazing!

  • Sharon Sapp says:

    Definitely my Blackberry. It keeps me in touch with my custoemrs and the world!

  • My Blackberry! When I’m away from my office, I’m still completely connected. I love the email interface on the blackberry.

  • Joe McRoberts says:

    My Treo “PDA” it is virtually my everything…it is my Contact Manager…it is my Phone…it is my Appointment book aka Calendar…it is my Mobile Web…it is my Lockbox Key & MLS Quick Reference…it is my Email & Text alerts of Prospect activity on my P2….if I could sync My P2 contacts with my PALM contacts, without the extra steps of csv.file, that would be very nice indeed. Or even a separate sync able application! You guys ROCK!

  • Clint Hanks says:

    I can’t live without my smartphone… It’s my calendar, my short term memory, my e-mail link when I’m on the go, my electronic lock box key, my camera to send a hot prospect a quick picture and I can tether my lap top to it for web access when I’m away form the office. Oh yeah, it makes phone calls too.

  • I simply could not live or function without my email . I learned so much valuable information concerning email from the ePRO course that now its the first thing I think about when I wake in the morning after giving God Thanks for letting me me see another one of his beautiful days . Thanks again to the Staff at ePRO because now I realize that EVERY piece of email can be used as a Marketing Device.

  • Dennis Mogil says:

    My Blackberry…I receive my Point2 notifications, email and can access all the MLS listings while I’m on the road (not driving).

  • My blackberry, I love It!!!!

  • My blackberry, followed closely by my laptop.

  • Callie Sinkinson says:

    Great question….

    Mine has to be my Treo 755P….MLS, Keypad, Contacts, Voice dial, Powerpoint,excel,word and Twitter….so much more!


  • Bill Blair says:

    Very simple… my plain old desk-top computer. My laptop and blackberry and digital camera and GPS enhance what I do, but nothing works like my desk-top. I use it to access MLS, load photos, compose flyers and virtual tours, send and receive email, network, blog, see maps, update websites, read and write real estate news, read national and local news and listen to music. With my other gadgets, I can do some of those things some of the time, but not all of those things all of the time!

  • Megan says:

    Lots of great comments so far everyone!

    Randy – I liked your take on the question. Although I don’t know if I’ve ever heard of anyone referring to a vehicle as a gadget before. 🙂

    I am beginning to see that it’s easier said than done to pinpoint the #1 gadget essential to your daily lives and real estate business. I would have to say it’s the same for me too – I also love technology.

    Keep those comments coming!

  • Ed Cassady says:

    My Garmin Nuvi 260 is my “on the road” assistant. She gets a little bossy and snippy at times, but keeps me on track.

    My Nikon P4 digital camera. I use it for all of my photos, virtual tours and movies for YouTube. I published a photo book on Blurb with photos I took while on vacation in the Northwest .

  • Cynthia Stribula says:

    My digital camera is most important to me. It stays with me everytime I leave the house. You never know when you’ll spot a FSBO. Take a picture and do a CMA and present it as a gift………….maybe get a listing!

  • #1 – iPhone, hands down

    Close #2 – Macbook (Aluminum unibody, 2.4 GHZ, 4GB RAM, 250 GB, OS X Leopard) Just switched to Mac/OS X October ’08. Will never return to PC/Windows. If you’re thinking of making the switch don’t wait! It actually IS worth the $$ in the time you’ll save from crashes, reboots, BSOD, viruses, etc…iWork will handle everything you need from an Office software productivity suite. I wish I would have discovered Keynote years ago. It crushes PowerPoint.

    And thank you P2 for starting multi-browser support!

  • Robin Whiting says:

    My windows based Treo Smartphone bar none. Although I am seriously considering trying out the new Blackberry Storm. My Smartphone is smart! It keeps me in contact with my clients, connects me to the Internet 24/7 and I never miss an appointment with the calendar feature.

  • Murray Ferro says:

    My favourite gadget is my professional high capacity Royal 16 sheet capacity cross-cut shredder with CD and Credit Card destroyer.

  • My Blackjack II-it syncs to my outlook, wow.

  • russell anderegg says:

    broad band air card.. at clients homes or on the boat with mt lap top and netflix, life would not be the same

  • Jonathan Mendez says:

    I cannot find a more useful tool than Point 2 Agent; I am being very honest, it really gets our company RE/MAX Baja Land Solutions a lot of action. Keep up the good work.

  • Lahav Reznik says:

    Hands down—My BlackBerry !

  • Josh West says:

    Why not pick this one?

    It has to be my Blackberry Curve. I Sync my contact list through MLX/Outlook and my BB. Quickly respond to emails. Also Blackberry messenger allows me to be intouch with my broker, other agents, home inspectors, clients and even technical support. It is real estate in the palm of your hand.

    Simply the best!

  • Frank Bailey says:

    Definitely my Blackberry, point2 website, and wireless internet!!!

  • Rita Lega says:

    Well, I have to say it would be split between to my email and my Blackberry. I do not even have a Blackberry yet, but the stories I have been told by other agents are incredible. is where I have gotten most of my strong leads. Don’t get me wrong I love point2 but clients are coming to me through and then I dazzle them with point2 html. Point2 has also been very useful in capturing listings as the technology of getting listings out there fast and pervasive is unparelled

  • My Blackberry is my newest favorite gadget! An of course, where would I be without my computer!

  • My Palm…and not soon enough NEW Palm Pre…also my Grand Central Phone Number…rings all my phones…cell, office and home all at the same time so I never miss a call…love it!

  • I hope this counts, but my favourite “gadget” for the last couple of weeks is the one Point 2 has made it possible for me to get rid of… it is the emulator to let Windows XP work on my beloved Macs… thank you, thank you, thank you Point 2 for making Safari a compatible browser!
    I also like the Missing Sync which makes it possible for me to sync my Windows Mobile smartphone to my Mac and hence my entire Address Book, iCalendar, Mac Mail, etc.
    One other little gadget that has proven very handy for me is Magic Jack (… this little dandy allows me long distant phone calls (to and from land phones) throughout Canada and the USA for $20.00 per year and it travels in a little corner of my purse when I’m out of town.
    You might wonder with all my Mac stuff why I don’t use the iPhone… it is the service provider we must use in Canada that I won’t touch with a stick so it’s the Missing Sync I must use to match and stay with my long term service provider.

  • Jean Powers says:

    What I cannot live without is Docusign. The electronic signature software. I use is all the time and my clients love it too. No more faxing, driving to deliver documents to sign or Fed Exing documents for signatures. It is the next best thing to sliced bread!!

  • Jim Ruiz says:

    my p2 reporting and my smart phone

  • Most definitely my new Blackberry Bold. It is now my 3rd different model and recently went through withdrawals when I dropped my Curve in a puddle. When your clients, & colleagues can’t reach you by phone and email, it is a complete catastrope! The functionality of the newest latest greatest Blackberrys from RIM are cutting edge technology and as a professional Realtor, I believe that technology and how I use it, sets me apart from others in my market place!!! A close second would be tied between my laptop and my point2 site which I’ve had active since 2003. Thanks Point2!!!

  • Ehsan says:

    My Cell Phone, with its schedulers, email, and reminders, i cant do any business without it!

  • I absolutely agree with Javi, but specifically, I believe that the follow up application of P2 is the best. You know, notes and manage. I’ve been using this for years now and I couldn’t do without it. Use it if your not! Also, my PDA is a great tool. It allows me to stay connected all the time. I’m still working on how to use my PDA as a Modem, to use while I do my listing presentations, but soon. Much success to all.

  • Cheryl Bill says:

    It is a toss between my Black Berry and Point 2 Web site. Both save so much time. I can answer clients instantly and with Point 2 once I down load the information it goes out to all the sites saving so much valuable time. Sellers love it.
    Cheryl Bill
    Northville, MI.

  • Michele Rowe says:

    My Blackberry… without a doubt.

  • mary dewitt says:

    Blackberry doesn’t work by me! Anytime you get near a national park a signal is a problem.
    I really hope my laptop goes so I can get one of those 9 in
    laptops! biggger than a blackberry but small enough for convenience.

  • ifoma says:

    My blackberry it keeps me in touch i which i can find a mortage applaction app to work on it though then it will be the best hands down.

  • Jerry Rogers says:

    The P2 Professional version, more pics and the abililty to modify the Vertual Tour & transport it to the MLS.

  • Debbie says:

    Blackberry is obviously taken so I am going to say my $300 foot massager. Seriously, in this stressful market and the comback of 6 inch heels, the relief saves my day! 🙂

  • First, my computer – without it, I couldn’t get my listings out there or communicate with my clients & various services. And a close second – my iPhone! I can look up listings, send Photos, email, use Maps, etc. – all in the field!

  • Farrell says:

    My treo 700 seems so outdated now that the Iphone is out now.

  • I came late to the party and it has been said before but my Blackberry has been a life saver. I bought the Blackberry because we were travelling to Italy for a family vacation last Summer to celebrate our son’s safe return from Iraq but I needed to stay in email contact. We ended up having three settlements whilst we were away and were able to stay in contact for very little cost with the international package from Blackberry. Even when we could not get any laptops to work in Italy we had the blackberry and knew what was happening and were able to keep clients happy. It was fantastic. Would not give it up for anything.

  • My Blackberry, it can be my email, phone, internet, information source, calculator, notepad, appointment secetary,to do list, map, and address book.

  • LYNN YDOYAGA says:

    My husband was convinced that I would prefer to spend time with my TRIO rather than him. I am thinking of leaving the TREO for the Storm but I’m just not ready.

  • It is my blackberry, like others have said. Leaves me with everything I need in one place, no matter where I am.

  • My BLACKBERRY! We have just added SUPRA access. Isn’t there anywhere the P2 can add a blackberry application like Facebook. It’s about the easiest thing I’ve ever used.

  • Vance Remele says:

    Supertooth 3 Bluetooth Handsfree

    Keeping your hands on the wheel & your eyes on the road

    The BlueAnt Supertooth 3 handsfree speakerphone provides a safer, legal alternative to talking on your cell phone while you drive. Voice prompts provide assistance to help you connect the device with your phone and upload your address book. The Supertooth 3 announces the name or ID of the caller when the phone rings – just say ‘OK’ to accept the call. Install the Supertooth 3 in seconds for a totally handsfree experience.

    I bought two one for my wife Fantastic product

  • Can;t live without the Blackberry. It is now everything form phone to calendar to address book to note pad to internet browser.

  • Johana Story says:

    My Point2 Website and Treo combo because of my drip e-mails and lead capture capability which I can retrieve on my cell phone and call a lead right away. My Magellan GPS system is my third most important gadget, I would never be able to find some properties without it. Next is my new digital Rebel Canon that takes crisp magnificient photos which makes my virtual tours look great.

  • Jim Bacher says:

    Blackberry is soooo very obvious but the link through facebook to neighborhoods is a great additional feature.

    Nice to have a direct link/program for P2. I use the toolbar access as well for quick access.

    Am interested to see the new Toshiba phone just out.

  • I was thinking GPS but after further thought I would have to say my BB. It does everything I need it to and more, even becoming a GPS if necessary.

  • Cathy Dye says:

    All of the above are priceless for our business needs on the go but a $15 2 port Power Inverter from Walmart keeps it all running for hours on the road. My favorite find lately.

  • Our Fujitsu Scan Snap Scanners quickly scan documents into PDFs and Word docs for easy e-mailing and editing

  • Fred Carver says:

    Certainly not a easy answer…sooo many tech gadgets…mmm. I would say my desk top, where I respond to my clients email inquires, blog and follow up on leads from my points2 site…and last but not least my ditial camera to add interesting and visual content to my listings and blogs :O))

  • Joe Olson says:

    my LG Env cell phone.. I chose what content I want sent there and when.. not as fancy a Blackberry or iPhone but it does what I need..

  • Brett Fish says:

    My dog winslow my heart goes out to him always. He passed away at sixteen, springer spainel.

    I have a pic of him on my web.

    Love you winslow

  • I could not operate by business effectively without my Blackberry and Bluetooth. Phone calls are the life blood of this business and many referrals come by way of the phone.
    I have the phone on 24/7 to be available to my Residential & Commercial Clients.

  • There’s one place that incorporates all of my tech gadgets that allows me to generate over 90% of my gross revenue as a real estate agent.

    I’ve got a place that let’s me store up to 36 high res photographs for my clients.
    I’ve got a place where my clients can have their own website url and passcode to my site’s backdoor.
    I’ve got a place that automatically stitches my photographs together and creates a free virtual tour.
    I’ve got a place that allows me to rise high and stay on top of the search engines for maximum exposure.
    I’ve got a place that text messages me on my Blackberry when I’ve got a lead or when someone visits my site.
    I’ve got a place that I can access on my laptop, desktop, or Blackberry 24/7.
    I’ve got a place that allows me to incorporate video & video blogs to reach Gen X and Y and beyond!
    I’ve got a place that is automatically crawled by Google’s spiders with fresh, new content everyday.
    I’ve got a place that will educate and inform potential customers about real estate.



  • Kurt Myers says:

    My iPhone! Its the best. I can check my email out in the field and get new leads. I can contact everyone I need to, get driving directions, set appointments and so much more. My iPhone is the greatest gadget invented, it helps run our office so much now!!

  • Well, besides my cell, my newest favorite is my new Flip camera. I go nowhere without it, whether it is taking pictures of the new listing I just got or when I go to see the grandkids. The pictures are really good for a little video camera and I can take the individual videos and make movies into them and also take individual frames and make snapshots. Good for the MLS listings, which some do not allow the use of this particular video means to be used so you need to use the snapshots. I think it is really a great little gadget.

  • Sarah Coleman-Lee says:

    It is a close call between my laptop and my Blackberry but the Blackberry wins. I truly feel incomplete without my Blackberry–kind of sad huh? It keeps me on schedule, keep me on time and allows me to promptly communicate with clients and potential clients. I truly do feel as though I can’t live without it. Where would I be?

  • Elaine says:

    My LG Voyager, the only drawback is not being able to open attachments.

  • Laura says:

    I have several # 1’s (all of which I cannot live without):

    In order of frequency of use:
    1. Blackberry
    2. PC
    3. Digital Camera
    4. Point 2 website!

  • Diana says:

    My Sprint Lotus LG phone is a god send.
    Never miss another call and text message your
    heart out. Also my Dell XPS Studio 13 laptop
    is out of this world. They are my life lines along
    with my point2.

  • Definitely my AUTHENTICATOR and the use of my POINT 2 WEBSITE.
    I would simply die without access to either!

  • My number one tool is a cell phone and second is yahoo mail.

  • Gigi Bonquin says:

    my cellphone is one i can’t do without. Can’t leave home without it. Keeps me in touch with my clients. Next is the internet. Without these two, I feel like a taxi driver without a car or gasoline.

  • Lilo Clacher says:

    #1 My Treo. I can search the entire MLS if I’m outside my office. Can email, search etc.

  • Doug says:

    My blackberry!!!

  • Our Garmin GPS – it’s awesome and has saved us time(priceless) and gas(pricey:)

  • Karen Witt says:

    I love my Point 2 agent web site as it is limitless as far as what you can do! I am constantly “poking around” to see what inovative ways you all have set up for us to market ourselves and our inventory!

  • Doug McAnally says:

    I think it is hard to seperate which is most importnat because they all play a huge part. I guess I would sum it up like this. My smartphone is most essential from all aspectes. Without it I could not work prospects, capture 1-800 calls or follow up. My computer is next. Without it I could not have my most vital Point2 website, my blogs, or my on line resorces. All the other tools are necessary for the trade.

  • Megan says:

    Thanks to everyone for your insightful comments. Commenting is still open, however, any comments made after now won’t be eligible for entry into the draw for the Point2 Homes Spotlight Ad. (Don’t worry, I am sure we’ll have other fun stuff like this coming in the future.) Feel free to contine commenting if you like. 🙂

    I’ll be making the draw on Tuesday and will post with the results of the winner of a Spotlight Ad on our blog.

  • My palm telephone. Twice it has gone out and I live on an island which means a ferry ride to civilization. Had to scurry across to get the darn thing looked at before I died without it.

  • Lilo says:

    My blackberry and also my Point2agent site

  • Don Hodges says:

    My Point2 website! If I had to close out all but one means of advertising my listings (including my 2 MLS’s) I would keep my Point2 website. I get more hits and make more sales from this one marketing source than I do from all others combined.

  • Bob Mori says:

    My Blackbery Curve 8830, although I am considering an upgrade to a Droid. Being able to respond to customers right after they have tried to contact me by text or email is critical.

  • My iphone and my laptop!

  • Marabeth Gildersleeve says:

    My I Phone is the best! I have had smart phones and Treos and to me none of them compare to the new model I Phone!Large numbers for dialing, great aps for real estate,pictures email, internet and more.

  • Mary DeWitt says:

    Just got a ipad with 3 g card…looks promising.

  • Jason Trotman says:

    The gadget I cannot live without is the Apple iPhone. I can respond to clients’ emails immediately and I can update my blog in real time. I can also check for new listings on my Redfin, Trulia, and Zillow apps.

  • raymond says:

    My Blackberry, simply is the best

  • Keith Soper says:

    Without a doubt my Blackberry! Despite the problems RIM is working through, I am a proud supporter and rely on my BB and Playbook to keep all things organized in my career!

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