Finding My Dream Home – Show Me The Money


I want to share some great personal news with everyone.  My husband, Levi, and I are going to buy a house!

We’ve bought and sold houses a couple times in the past but it’s been about 5 years since we sold our last home and have been renting ever since.  This feels brand new all over again.  I had no recollection of how complicated buying a home can be.

I invite you to join me as I share our experiences – from a consumer standpoint.   This should be a fun and exciting ride (and maybe just a bit stressful)!

So far, we’ve kicked off our adventure in home-buying by getting pre-approval for a mortgage with a lender.  I’ll be honest, dealing with money isn’t something I enjoy.  Crunching numbers is not my cup of tea and I’d much rather just ignore them completely.  However, the pre-approval process was relatively painless, with us just providing some of our basic information.  The lender did their thing and the following day we were thrilled to receive a phone call notifying us that we had been pre-approved for purchasing a home.


The phone call was followed by a detailed email from our mortgage specialist outlining all the terms and conditions of our mortgage, explaining exactly what we needed to do to satisfy the requirements of said mortgage, and a bunch of jargon I didn’t fully understand.

This is where having a good mortgage specialist or broker is valuable.  This morning I sent an email to our specialist with a list of questions a mile long.  It’s very possible that the documents he sent me already explained or answered my questions but I didn’t understand it.  He responded within a few hours with very detailed, clear, and concise answers and links to further information.  Now I understand the important details and can proceed with the home buying process with confidence.

So we have been pre-approved to buy a house.  We have money – well, financing anyways.  Now what?

Stay tuned…


  • quentin says:

    Good for you, Megan! I’m certain numerous people will be thrilled to follow this journey with you, too. Could I suggest that as part of your blog process that you might include photos and detailed neighbourhood accounts?

  • Megan says:

    That’s a great idea – and something I’ll be sure to include in my upcoming posts. Thanks for the suggestion!

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