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Well, we’ve just survived another blast of cold here in Saskatoon.  Sigh… And I bet you’re all wondering what we Canadians get ourselves into during these long, cold bouts of winters.  The answer is actually quite simple – we tinker.  We tinker with just about anything and everything to keep from going mad.  It’s true; in fact you can view the top 50 greatest Canadian inventions right here – most of which were the result of tinkering.

Saskatoon itself has a history of tinkering.  Even here at Point2 we’ve engineered innovative software solutions for both the real estate and heavy equipment industries.  And believe me, we’ve been tinkering up a storm over the past year (perhaps due to this record breaking cold weather), and some of the things we have planned are going to knock your socks off.  Another Saskatoon company who has spent some time tinkering is the most impressive, Draganfly Innovations Inc.  Today I’m going to talk a bit more about them because for one, I love gadgets and gizmos, and two, I love photography and video.

So why would a company like Draganfly, who essentially creates radio-controlled machines, be of concern to real estate professionals?

Well, they offer, in my opinion, the best product money can buy if you’re looking to create dynamic, aerial videos and/or photos for a sale property.  Perhaps overkill for the average residential agent, but for those who transact large commercial lots, golf courses, or recreation facilities, these images will attract some serious attention.  The Draganflyer X6 Helicopter, for instance, provides you with control over the zoom, tilt, and shutter speeds of a high resolution camera so you will always get the shots you need.  The company also provides flight simulators and customer support so you can perfect your technique before the trial run.  These high-tech units are no kid’s toys – in fact they’ve been used by SWAT teams, mining operations, and even for the creation of music videos on MTV.  Draganfly‘s creations have been highlighted in a number of magazines including Popular Science and Popular Mechanics; the company has also received a number of prestigious science/technology awards.

I know if my Realtor showed up to photograph my house holding a brand new X6, I just might think he was the coolest Realtor in town.

Looking for an alternate solution for shooting aerial photos?  Have a peruse of my article on Pole Aerial Photography (PAP).


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