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Towards the end of last year we shared some of our plans for 2009 with everyone, including some specific features we were looking forward to implementing in the early months.

I am pleased to be able to share again some of the newest features added to the Point2 Agent software in a recent release earlier this week.

Cross-browser Compatibility:  We have fully integrated the ability to access your Point2 Agent accounts using the browser of your choice.  We have been working on introducing this feature for quite some time now – at our members’ request – and are happy to say it is finally available.  Point2 Agent is now cross-browser compatible for:

  • Internet Explorer 6-8
  • Firefox 2-3
  • Chrome
  • Safari

Remember, you’ll always receive a better browsing experience by using the latest version of your preferred browser.  For further information visit the User Manual.

(Kudos to our very own Bryan Larson for prepping these icon knock-offs for your viewing pleasure.)

Improved Content Editor: We’ve upgraded the content editor for all Point2 Agent sites to one that includes more features and is extremely user-friendly.  We are sure you’ll enjoy editing your website even more so now.  Here’s just a few of the new features of the content editor:

  • Anchors can be created directly through the editor
  • Hex codes can be inserted for color
  • Better HTML content generation
  • The restriction of 800×600 image upload size has been removed
  • Full screen editing capabilities
  • Table tags are now outlined so you can easily see where they exist within the content
  • Editor templating system allows you to choose a content layout template and replace it with your own content

Learn more about working with the new content editor in the User Manual.

Updated Photo Upload Tool:  With the addition of cross-browser compatibility, we’ve also improved the way our members upload photos.  For those using Internet Exporer, you can continue using PUFLITE.  However for those using browsers other than Internet Explorer, you can now easily upload photos using our Java-based photo upload tool.  In order to use the non-Internet Explorer photo upload tool, you will need to have the latest version of Java installed on your computer.  (Download here:  Further detailed instructions on both methods of uploading photos can be found in the User Manual.

What’s coming?: We’ve got some big plans ahead for our members – and crazy-good improvements.  I am so excited I can barely contain myself.

Keep your eyes glued to the blog (or subscribe to the RSS feed) for more details to come!


  • Always appreciate good news!

    Megan, I know there were several hands involved in making this possible, but you’re still the greatest!

    on the same note, I wish Point2 and its members really knew how we can directly control our market via better & proper advertising of our properties, as well as informing the clients in the most accurate and efficient manner. (i.e. updating content regularly)

    Point2 is moving towards making that more possible, by being a product that the good agents use.
    Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing!

  • Peter Pfann says:

    This upgrade is very timely, and very much appreciated.

    moving forward we will all benefit from easier and faster upgrades and updates, and the cross browser integration.

    a down loadable manual would be nice for the future, but we are getting to be impressed again in p2a.

    all we need now is a few more buyers and some confidence in the market and we will be laughing.

    Live a Pfanntastic Life,

    Peter and Linda Pfann,

    Victoria BC Canada

  • Gabe Sanders says:

    Thanks for the update guys. I’ve noticed it for a while. However, there appears to be some fairly major issues with your syndication engine and compatibility with the craigslist postings using Firefox.

  • Missy Caulk says:

    Yea for FireFox, this is going to be such a help.

  • Raj Dhaliwal says:

    This is cool. I noticed in the content editor font size is now xx-small, x-small, small, medium etc. instead of 1,2,3. I wonder what size 2 equals in new format.. Need to play around a bit..

    Now we need a upgrade to the blogs..

  • Matt Collinge says:

    I happened upon this today when I actually got into my online office in FF. This is great news. If only our MLS would work in FF I could get rid of IE altogether.

  • Mark Chesnick says:

    An add-on you relly need to consider is a strong mobile version of our applications. More and more people are turning to using their 3-G and Blackberrys for obtaining information from the web.

  • donna says:

    I too like the improvements EXCEPT for one.

    What happened to the feature in the Content Editor that allows you to automatiically paste the date and time onto a webpage??? This is a feature that I used DAILY on SEVERAL pages to show exactly when my listing searches were updated last. This was a very very useful time-saving feature that the OLD Content Editor had that is not on the new one. Any chance it could be put back on, or is there another way that I might be able to accomplish this task?. (besides having to type it out each time) Thanks

  • Milos Korac says:

    Firefox finally…
    Greetings from Dominican Republic Real Estate

  • Great news,

    Punta Cana Real Estate

  • James Malanowski says:

    Finally!! Thank you – one less thing I need to run in my virtualbox!

  • Jim Gilbert says:

    Has anyone had problems with text and tables shifting around on web pages? I have had to correct several of them on my site.

  • thanks for the upgrade,, looks good

    1) It seems to run slower when i am editing text??? anyone else seen this??

    2) is there any way to spell check pages that are not created in the editor. Like the links pages ?? a spell check the entire web page button would be great?? any comments??

  • Megan says:

    Glad to hear all the happy comments.

    Gabe, I just wanted to let you (and everyone else) know that we are aware of the issue with accessing the Craigslist posting in non-IE browsers. We hope to have this fixed for everyone soon.

  • Barb & Sal Dragotta says:

    the photo upload is very neat; am using IE 7 & it is easy to use.; thanks to Raj, I thought I was on another site that uses these designations–it is easier when web sites utilize the same ‘tools’.
    now if only I could get Windows from interrupting everything with ‘debugging’ issues.

  • Nice !! for the browsers upgrade! now whe need the iphone application! are whe working that already??

  • Emiliano Puente says:

    Good News!!!
    Now add a spanish version!

  • Hi there,

    Above all, the timing for improvements is excellent as noted. This is a good time to be re-vamping your business plan and marketing efforts. Having a few more toys and tools to do that with makes it more inspiring. Good to see P2 is working to earn their business as well.

  • Kim Jones says:

    Those crazy-good improvements are what keep me enthused about! Many Thanks to the TEAM for your support!!!

  • Ehsan says:

    Thanks a lot, the Full Screen Option in the Custom Editor is amazing, pleas update the Point2 User Manual,for this editor as many Icons and Options are Still Alien to us, without understanding,
    Thanks again

  • Alexandr Migunov says:

    Great ! Thank you very much for your job !

  • Vanessa Stalets says:

    Wonderful! This will make life easier, I am always up for that!

  • Lanie Evans says:

    THANK YOU! you just saved me $2500! I have an old PowerBook G4 mac that I work from and have been having to utilize a PC in order to edit my site, because neither Firefox or Safari were supported. YEA! Now I can do everything real estate from my mac and the apple operating system without having to go to the ‘dark-side’ of windows…

    I have been considering purchasing a new MacBook Pro so that I could use the windows operating system and explorer (actually a step backwards technologically), but now I don’t have to.

    Thanks guys.

  • Mark Garrow says:

    YEA! I switched to linux 3 years ago but have had to hang on to win2kpro in a virtual machine just for IE6+ .. You are the first site (that I use) to realize that coding for a specific platform like IE can loose you customers..

    Now like others have said.. the MLS HAS to change too. That might be slower to happen since we need the service and pay for it there isn’t much incentive to get away from the M$ lockin.

  • Cindy Kohler says:

    Will there ever possibly be a point when Point 2 Homes will be available as a Joomla extension or content management system modules? I would like to use my own Joomla templates or designs and integrate Point 2 Homes modules for our real estate website. I would also like to be able to adjust the way the listings are shown, such as larger photos, different listing templates etc.

  • Jim Near says:

    Thanks… from a MAC user! It so nice to be able to edit from my MAC. We need to do a better job of promoting Point2Agent.

  • cat says:


    I am so happy I can log in to my site using Firefox! 😀

  • Bev Walker says:

    Question: Very Important – On my site only, do the links dissapear when tagged?

    Comment: Removed my web forwarding email address because everything was going to spam. I do not have time
    to go searching, etc. for emails sent to Spam. Let the agents decide what is and is not spam.

  • Megan says:

    Hi Bev,

    Thanks for your comments. To best answer your question, I suggest contacting our Support Department directly. You can email them: or use the Contact Support link in your Online Office.

    Have a great day!

  • Bank REO says:

    Please someone kill IE6 users

  • new guy says:

    How exactly does point 2agent work

  • Steven Andrade says:

    Glad to see Point 2 Agent is committed to constantly improving based on changes in the marketplace and user feedback – keep up the great work!

  • Ray Minyard says:

    I have been considering point2 as a website. Is point2 SEO friendly? .. and can it be Google verify?

  • Mary DeWitt says:

    anyone ..i just got an ipad works well with site except the quick search and virtual tour…is that flash and java? must be the reason? app for phone…not that i need it…

  • Dimple says:

    how can we remove or delete an anchor point once inserted into a document?

    • Chris de Jong says:

      Hi there!

      I checked in with our Customer Care team and was told the process to delete an anchor point is as follows:
      – Sign in to your Point2 account at
      – Click Websites
      – Click Edit next to the website in question
      – Click Edit Content
      – There should be a little flag that shows in the content where the anchor is, click on that flag within the content and then click the Delete key on your keyboard
      – Now to remove the link that was clickable for the anchor, highlight the wording or image that was clickable, and click the icon in the header of the editor that shows a chain link with an X
      – Click Save to save all these changes

      In addition, you can find information on how to create new answers right here:

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