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We boast talk a lot about having the largest listing syndication network in the real estate industry.  With over 35 syndication partners it’s true – your listings are getting incredible exposure on the internet.

For fun, I thought I’d run through some of our syndication partners every once in a while so you can get to know a bit more about the many search sites that your listings are appearing on courtesy of the Point2 Exposure Engine™.

This time around I want to talk about a syndication partner that is near-and-dear to all of us at Point2, because it is our very own listing marketplace website – Point2Homes.com.

You can find out information about Point2 as a company, about the Point2 Agent software and our other software endeavors on our corporate website.

But here’s some information about Point2Homes that not everyone is aware of.

We introduced Point2 Homes in 2004.  Before we embarked on our goal of becoming the largest syndication provider in the real estate industry, we created Point2 Homes as another venue for our members to gain additional exposure for their listings.

When we started building up the syndication network to include more partners, we added Point2 Homes to the growing list of places your listings will be found when you enter them once in your Point2 Agent account.

One key aspect of Point2 Homes is the ability to search for listings and agents based on neighborhoods.  This is a consumer-oriented search site and we wanted to make sure that your listings are found by consumers in the way that they search the most – by neighborhoods.

As part of this initiative we’ve made it possible to display specific information for each neighborhood found on Point2 Homes.  Our members have the option to purchase sponsorship for specific neighborhood expert pages to include information, photos, stats, and additional details about the area that will benefit consumers.  This neighborhood expert reservation has proved to be a unique advertising opportunity for our members to connect with potential prospects.

Stop by Point2 Homes and browse the listings, search for agents, read blog posts, and neighborhood pages.

Stay tuned for further posts about other highly-trafficked search sites included in the Point2 Exposure Engine™ like Trulia, Zillow, FrontDoor, and more.

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