The MLS is falling! The MLS is falling!


Some familiar discussions at Inman Connect: New York this year:

Is the MLS system becoming obsolete?

Will the MLS system survive?

What does the future of the MLS look like?

What tools does the MLS need to stave off irrelevance?

It’s funny because the key thrust of these discussions always seems to fall into a familiar arc – “the MLSs are rapidly becoming archaic, the situation is critical, they must do X, Y and Z and they must do them NOW or they will not survive.”

And really, it is only the most progressive MLSs that manage to tackle X, Y, OR Z during the year (too busy actually helping with . . . oh, I don’t know . . .  the process of buying and selling real estate I suppose?), and yet here they are, and here they shall remain.

The hyperbole is fun, and makes for interesting conversation, but the questions above, though their answers may have prescience, are actually not the most important ones.  The question that is most relevant here is really “what can I, as an MLS Committee Member, or Association Executive, do to deliver better tools, better services, and better value to our members?”

That question is already being asked, thousands of times per day, our conjecture notwithstanding.

Point2 is in the fortunate position to be able to offer substantial tools to MLSs and Associations, to offer them for free, and to genuinely help them deliver better tools, better services, and better value to their members.

But without Point2, is the MLS system going to face extinction this year?

Of course not.  Which is a very good thing – because if it did, what would we talk about next January?

I’ll keep you posted.

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