So get this.

I’m here at Inman Connect NYC.  It’s been a great show so far – to the surprise of most (including, in his own admission, Bradley Inman), the show’s attendance is as strong as it was last year.  Many familiar faces, lots of fun, and plenty of great work being done by the Point2 Road Crew (P2RC if you must).

But that’s not what I want to talk about.

So get this – I arrive at the hotel yesterday, and this morning, I return to my room for a moment and there is a package there.  From Target.  How strange?  I just got here, and I most certainly haven’t had time to do any shopping.  How in the world do I have a package in my room?

Targeted Delivery

Well, it turns out that Target Online does not deliver to Canada (my home and the home of Point2).


Target Online has lots of good stuff that isn’t necessarily easy to find in Canada.


Target Online has what I am assured are “some really sweet deals.”

So what does all that add up to?

Yes, my wife has been shopping at Target Online, knowing that I would be in the States soon enough, and bought a bunch of stuff and had it delivered to my hotel room, which fits the required profile of having a U.S. address.

So I’ve been here 24 hours, I haven’t bought a thing, and STILL I’m down like two hundred bucks for “my” New York shopping.

I’ll keep you posted. 

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